Month Two

Sleep: You are now sleeping in a 6-8 hour stretch at night - it's glorious! However, I am writing this a week late and for some reason this week you have gone back to 5 hours, which I predicted would happen because I was going back to work and things like that happen to me. You have also started to nap a lot less. I am hoping school can help with that.

Clothes and Diapers: I have moved you to 0-3 month outfits with an occasional newborn outfit thrown in there (although they are getting snug)! You are a solid size 1 in the diaper world and we beat the diaper rash - for now.

Bath: We bathe you about twice a week and we aren't very good at it. You are so fresh and so clean, clean, but I feel like there is an easier way to do it. Right now it's a family event with the three of us and the cats. They watch, but keep their distance from the water. The first few times your fussed a bit, but as long as we keep you warm you are content.

Medical: Sometimes I think that we are picking up thrush again and give you a bit of medicine, but I am beginning to think I am just crazy. Currently, I do not think we have thrush. Hehe. You had your first well visit with the doctor and received your first vaccinations. The whole debate to vaccinate or not to vaccinate freaks me out, but I simply pray about it and leave it to Him who has already written the story of your life. I got to hear what your "ouch" cry sounds like and I may have cried more than you. I also cry when I take the cats to the vet so I knew taking you to the doctor would be harder! On a more serious note you have been having some blood in your diaper so we will be seeing a GI specialist in January. The pediatrician ran some tests to rule out any infection and everything came back negative. It's not necessarily a lot and it's very sporadic. I think it is something that I am eating that bothers you so I have cut back on my dairy intake and it has been MUCH better, but I am not a doctor.

Food: You are primarily EBF, but I have mastered the whole pumping thing. Thankfully I can still nurse you and you will take a bottle. We try to stick to the Dr. Brown bottles to cut back on gas. You will take anywhere from 2.5-4 oz. You love to eat at night before bedtime. So much that we usually give you a 3 oz bottle and then I nurse you for a bit before you start snoozing. You also took a bit of formula when being baby sat in Atlanta because you gulped down all the milk left for you. It eased my mind that you would take it if necessary.

Stats: You weigh 11 lbs & 6 oz. and are 22 inches long.

Development/Mannerisms: You are not a fan of tummy time, but you love to hold your head up. Your neck muscles are getting quite strong! You clench your stinky fists ALL THE TIME and it's a battle for me to clean them. I have no idea how they get dirty, but they do. On Christmas Eve you freaked out and had a meltdown at one of our many stops to see family. You screamed your ouch cry and then you actually cried tears for the first time. So very sad. It shook your dad and I up for a few minutes, but you calmed down after a few HUGE burps. You have also mastered the skill of sticking out your lip before you cry. It's totally cute.

Events: You are a good luck charm to our Auburn Tigers! Thanks to the bottle situation, mom and dad went to the Iron Bowl this year. It was epic!!! Auburn won in the last second of the game (literally) and headed to the SEC championship game. Thanks to a fantastic friend, your parents were able to see Auburn win the SEC championship in person in Atlanta. Later that night Ohio State lost and Auburn is headed to play for the national championship in January! You had your first Thanksgiving and slept through most of it. When we were in Atlanta the following weekend you met your great grandma, great aunt and one of your great uncles on J's mom's side. When we did our brief trip back to Atlanta for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, you met your grandma (J's mom) and your other great grandma from J's dad's side. During this month I finally felt a bit more comfortable taking you out in public so we went out to eat a few times. A week ago I received a phone call that our first choice for day care or "school" for you was available! Such an answer to prayer and an ease to my Law & Order/CSI mind.
Mommy Milk
Car Rides
Nighttime Feeding
When G Daddy or Auntie Perry sings to you. You love it!

Dirty Diapers
Diaper Changes

All About Mom:
- Down 32 lbs ish, but I need to work out and focus on building back my muscles.
- Have really weird joint pain in my hands and knees. Doctor thinks it will last until we are done nursing.
- Had my follow up doctor appointment and was cleared for everything.
- My BP was down, but I have to wean from the medicine for the next 30 days
- Had an allergist appointment and no more allergy shots for the first time in many, many years!
- Left the house by myself for the first time and went to Target for the Britney CD and to grab groceries. It was heavenly.
- The Iron Bowl marked my first adult beverage in 10-11 months. I heart mimosas....and pumping.
- Speaking of beverages I celebrated my 30th birthday with some fabulous friends while J babysat. He was totally jealous. #thirty&thirsty
- Mastered the pumping and even got a little crazy with it at our tailgate and in the parking lot of a MARTA station. Sketchy, but worth it to go to the football games. War Eagle.