Weekly Challenge

Since I am a stay at home wife and have more time on my hands than most, I am going to have my menus planned a week at a time with recipes from the cookbook of that week.  I will give you my thoughts on the recipes and if they are lucky enough to end up in my recipe box. :) At least 3 meals must be from the book of the week - each meal needs 1 main entree and 2 sides (a dessert can be a side).
This Week's Cookbook is drum roll please

I bought this cookbook before I started watching the show......I mean  i bought it years ago and I just now started watching the show - which I have become obsessed with. This will be a fun one to use for this week. I run my 5K this Saturday so I am trying not to heat too unhealthy and my husband typically doesn't like "healthy" foods so I can give you honest feedback. 

Check back on Thursdays/Fridays for the recipes and reviews. I'll also post the cookbook for the next week so if you have any suggestions on a cookbook for me to use, please leave a comment (you must be a follower of this blog before I can accept the challenge)! I'll even take suggestions for meals  - they don't have to be healthy ideas although those are nice for everyone who is still sticking to their New Years resolution. 

I think this will be fun and something different for me to do. I had forgotten some of these cookbooks that I even had. Please send some followers my way if you think of anyone who might enjoy this challenge!

If I Was Employed, I Would Buy This......

I have been meaning to post something about this for a while, but two years ago I got these great gifts for my parents - particularly for their computers. It's called a Korner Keeper and you can get them here.

They fit around your monitor and are great for decorating your office. Plus, for ONLY $20 they are very affordable. I printed out pictures and made them for my family, but I would love to make one for myself......if I had a job. Yay for moving!

Bacon Wrapped Chicken & Dijon Green Beans

See, I told you I would give you a normal update soon. Tonight's menu: bacon wrapped chicken, dijon green beans and mashed potatoes. 

I know you are jealous of my iphone camera skills. 

Bacon Wrapped Chicken:
I think I got this recipe from Campbells.....
3-4 boneless skinless chicken breast
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 cup sour cream
bacon (turkey bacon works fine too)
s & p

I use low fat or no fat everything. First, wrap a slice of bacon around each chicken breast. I had very large pieces to work with. Usually I will cut the chicken in half and wrap bacon around each half. I should have done that tonight, but I was pressed for time. 
Next, mix the soups and sour cream. Add s & p to your liking. 
In a greased baking pan, place the wrapped chicken and cover with the soup mixture.
Heat your oven to 275 degrees and cook for 2 - 2 1/2 hours. The soup mixture makes a good amount of "gravy" which you can pour over your chicken, throw away, or put on veggies. I like this dish with green veggies as a side and use the excess gravy as a yummy sauce. 

Dijon Green Beans:
Fresh green beans
1 small T lemon juice
1 big T Dijon mustard

Boil beans for 5 mins and place beans in a bowl of ice water for 2 minutes. On medium heat, coat the pan with butter and garlic, if you prefer. Place green beans in the pan and pour the lemon juice and Dijon mustard over the beans. Mix the beans around the pan for an even coat and cook for 5 minutes. This is a great way to change things up with green beans. Plus, Dijon mustard is not terrible for you! 


"All I Do Is Win Win Win No Matter What!"

Wow. It has been almost 2 months since my last update. I do apologize - we have moved and up until yesterday, my computer was boxed up in storage. I have some major updating to do.....

Thanks for praying for us - J started work this past week and we have moved to Columbus, GA. It's not ATL, but way better than Abilene, about 2 hours away from my parents, and about 40 miles from the 2010 National Champions. That's right, we are close to AUBURN! Season football tickets anyone? So with that introduction, I will give you my take on AU college football this year.

I cannot believe we won. That game was intense. I hate how we had a month off before Oregon and Auburn played. Had we not had so much time off, I think the score would have been much higher. I adore Cam Newton  - I mean I LOVE to watch him play, but I am glad it was not a "Cam" show. You don't get to the championship game with one player. All season I have gotten so irritated with people saying he was our only good player. Um excuse me? This is a team sport. There is no way one person can be your entire team and that was proven again on Monday night. Haters. The TEAM won and they deserved it. Two of my favorite players this season have been Fairley and Adams. I love watching these two play. Hopefully they will return next year, but I think both are doubtful. :( 

And to the biggest media story regarding football this year? My lovely QB. All the garbage people were putting up and saying disgust me. Some people are so pathetic and love to hate on others. Get over it people. There has not been enough evidence thus far to get Cam on anything. "Oh well, it will be another Reggie Bush in 5 years?" Really? Well then wait the 5 years and freak out about it then. He is a fantastic player and I hope he does well in the NFL. I think he has demonstrated nothing short of being a leader to this football team - people have the ability to change. Ohhhh boy. I will miss that smile.

And for the record, I don't believe in paying players for college football. Do I think it happens a lot at every school with a decent football program? I imagine so, but to what degree? Personally, I think college is a chance to prove yourself and when you have, you can go to the NFL for your big paycheck. I might be the one person in this world who has a lot of respect for Andrew Luck staying at Stanford. Enjoy your college experience and get your degree while you can.

So there is my random post. I will go back to the normal feel of this blog soon. I may have more updates later today. 

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!! 2010 National Champions!!!!!!