I Want A Baby!

It is a BEAUTIFUL Thursday! Why? Because I woke up to thunder, lightning, hail and RAIN!!!! I love thunderstorms. One of my best memories during college was sitting outside with my roomie Franny, and watching the storms. LOVED IT. Since that is no longer possible and I live in a very dry state (thank you USAF) I get very excited when it storms. I think storms can be so peaceful. It's great to sit outside and think and lay in bed and just listen to the weather.

I can't promise that I am going to update this thing weekly or even monthly. Just a place for me to randomly think.....and talk about ME. Okay not really. I will update with some recipes or something. Maybe.

I want a baby. A furry baby. A Bengal cat baby. Ever since my friend cat sat these Bengal cats, I have fallen in love. These animals are so beautiful and their vivid markings are ridiculous. The detail and beauty that God puts into animals amazes me. So complex and here I am getting to enjoy it. :) So I have been emailing a few breeders since March and 2 baby girl kittens are available!