Launched in 2010 as an outlet outside of work to use as a creative release, Bentley, Like the Car has evolved into an extensive collection of personal stories involving parenting and some traveling, recipes and sometimes healthy endeavors, mixed with recommendations of my favorite things. No matter your demographic, this blog has a bit of something for everyone.

If you love honesty, sarcasm and occasionally trying new things, you will feel right at home here. My goal is for you to walk (or would click be more appropriate?) away gaining something positive from each of my post. Whether you learn a trick for dealing with your kids, attempt a new recipe or even share advice with me, I want this to be an engaging community where you can escape to after a long day. Or when you need a better alternative than doing the laundry. Surely I’m not the only one who does that…

The most popular posts thus far have been food related. However, I am certainly not a chef and far, far away from being a remotely decent food photographer. Although this blog has been around for a while, my goal is to steer it in a more defined direction than years prior while posting on a consistent basis.  I began this blog after a suggestion from my little sister. My theory is that she grew tired of hearing my outrageous stories and random ideas so she thought that she would catch a break by setting me free on the world wide web. That plan backfired for her, but here we are today six years later. If you peruse through the site, you may stumble upon some of my older entries. Enjoy them. I will not be editing these historical notes in any manner as they are special, fun memories I treasure reading every so often.

Without further ado, welcome to Bentley, Like the Car where you ride shotgun on my “luxurious” road trip known as my life. Born and raised in Georgia, I made one of the best decisions to attend college at Auburn University right inside the state line of Alabama. Four of the BEST years of my life were spent on Auburn’s campus and I am a very proud alumna and huge fan of all things Auburn. War Eagle! I do love writing (but feel it needs to practiced and perfected) while sharing and giving advice. Utilizing my marketing degree, I work full time in the sales and marketing group for a well-known, global brand.  If this job didn’t keep me busy enough, I am also a mother to a wonderful, energetic toddler girl (referred to as “E”) and wife to my prom date from senior year. J and I dated for five years before tying the knot eight short years ago. For the first part of our marriage, I played the role of a military wife until J left the United States Air Force and we returned to the South.

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