Another weekend has come and gone thus, depression is setting in as Monday has arrived. Does anyone ever look forward to the work week?!? 

I think our weekends are typically low key, but people seem to enjoy reading about what others do when they have time off so I'm penning this post for you today. Too bad I wasn't heavily blogging post-wedding and pre-kids - we definitely collected some juicy stories over the years!

This weekend started off much better than last week. Following work I headed to the gym with my coworker for what we have dubbed "Circuit Friday." After a quick workout, I fought a bit of traffic while chatting with my sister and venting about this ding-dong driver: 

The black car ran their light and sat in the middle of the intersection for the duration of the turn signal for oncoming traffic. Hence why the minivan was forcing itself through the gap so they could turn. What this picture isn't showing you is that the car could have turned in the left lane (blocked in this picture by the van) and cleared the intersection. People are idiots. It's a good thing I saw this post-workout since that increases endorphins, which make people happy. Apparently.

In other news, I checked the board at school that lists the illnesses floating around. Currently, there are victims of hand, foot, mouth disease, the flu and cat scratch fever. Yes, that is actually a real thing.

Friday evening was spent not cooking, snuggling with E and catching up on my shows. I seriously love Friday nights.

We woke up Saturday and headed downtown where local vendors set up shop with the hope of finding a birthday present for a party that afternoon. We failed the shopping goal, but I was able to visit one of my favorite coffeehouses and grab a latte.

The atmosphere is truly unique since it was previously a bank. Despite the makeover into a hipster hangout, you still experience the historic charm and the coffee is delicious! Can you find the bank vaults in the picture? They turned those into creative nooks - perfect for meetings or alone time.

While we scoured the streets with the hope of finding a vendor selling hairbows, we ran into the Color Me Rad 5K race.

I participated in this three years ago (it was my first race post baby) and I won't lie, I felt a wee bit guilty chugging my Monkey Business latte and munching on a blueberry muffin. I would love to run more than I am, but need a buddy. #terrifiedofbeingkidnapped

We headed back towards the house, picked up a birthday present, and stopped at a nearby school. If E didn't run off some energy, the day would not end well. Maybe I haven't been to an elementary school in a while, but they had three different play areas - is that normal?

I also realized that my elementary self was much more in shape than my adult self. Have you ever tried doing some of the things you used to do on the jungle gym? It's hard work.

After wearing E out, we headed home and got ready for the birthday party that afternoon.

E spent over three hours jumping in the castle and eating WAY too many sweets. I lost count of how many cake pops, rice krispie treats and cupcakes she shoved in her mouth and washed down with Capri Sun. Our home is typically treat free and she doesn't get juice often so I'm not surprised she had the "go big or go home" mentality.

My friend who threw the party is one of those adorable Pinterest mommas who makes the cutest and yummiest things for celebrations so I was looking forward to what she would come up with. Can you guess the theme?

I plan on sharing a few photos from the party because it was super cute and so you can feel my pain when you see how much sugar E consumed. She hated to leave, but was quite pleasant when we came home.

Saturday night was spent working on the blog, catching up on my shows (again) and dreading the hour we were going to lose for DST. #lesssleepSunday

After dragging myself out of bed, I stumbled into E's room to wake her for church. Surprise! She had thrown up. a lot. I wasn't about to contaminate other kiddos (it was my week to volunteer in the nursery) so our morning was spent cleaning and watching movies. She seemed to be feeling better, but since I wasn't sure what made her sick (school or party treats) we quarantined ourselves in the house for the rest of the day.

And in case you wanted a detailed itinerary of what our Sunday looked like, you can check out the post my husband shared on Facebook:

I hope you have a wonderful week!

If you still need inspiration for Saint Patrick's Day, you can read about a time I was lucky or check out the festive round-up I put together last week.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a fun filled weekend :)
    Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  2. I have to say how much I admire your husband's detailing. He sure proved how much he deserved that cold one at the end of the day. haha.
    Hope everyone is better today. Have a great week.

  3. Ohhhh J! Hilarity! And OMG to all of the puke and pee that graced your carpets this weekend. Better call somebody to come out and shampoo! Haha.

  4. My friend wants me to run a color run this Spring. I have never done one but it sounds like it would be a fun race. I'm sure no one noticed you were eating a muffin watching that. That Disney sign is adorable!

    1. Color runs are fun! You should definitely try one in the near future.

  5. I laughed out loud at your husbands post! we also had the sickies in our house(flu bug-ugh!) I do hope E is feeling better,and you have a good rest of the week ahead, and are adjusting to DST!

    1. Sometimes he comes up with something humorous! It keeps us young...

  6. LOVE your husband's post. So real. If you substitute cats with dogs, and add a kid, that was us about 10 years ago. I've never done a color run. There's definitely a lot of orange going on in that picture. The banked turned coffee shop is adorable. Thanks for linking, Adrienne!

    1. I strive to keep it real as much as possible. :)

  7. I had no idea cat scratch fever was a real thing?!! That's crazy! Bummer you didn't find a gift but that place looks so neat! Hope the work week flies by!!

  8. Oh my gosh those cars. I've seen stuff like that and my anxiety just shoots up seeing it! People are ridiculous!

  9. My kids always eat so much crap at birthdays too, I just gave up years ago trying to get them to eat actual food while we're out haha. but the throwing up does not sound fun at all, I hate throw up!!! Your hubbys layout of the day is only something a parent can appreciate and commiserate with you!


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