My Story in 5 Pictures

It may be only Tuesday, but it's Show & Tell Tuesday!

Since I've recently started joining link-up parties, I assume a few new readers may have stumbled upon my blog. If so, welcome! Today's topic will be a great way to introduce myself.

Let's begin, shall we?

This is one of my favorite pictures of all times, although I can't take credit for the shot - it was actually taken by one of my sorority sisters. As a proud alumna and fan of all things Auburn, I just had to share THE image that makes me happy. 

At each of our home football games prior to kick off, our eagle takes flight around the stadium while the crowd yells, "WARRRRRRRRR EAGLE" as the eagle lands in the center of the field. It is by far one of my favorite traditions and reminds me of all the precious Auburn memories that I hold in my heart. #cheesybuttrue

Did you happen to read my love story? If so, you may have seen the picture above. This was my all-time favorite photo from our wedding day. All the way back to our early days of dating, giving "noses" became our thing. This was a candid image shot during our special day and I'm proud to say that E needs a "nose" from each of us before bedtime - which we lovingly give her! #mommyIneednoses

When we were stationed in Texas with the USAF, my family decided to plan a trip to Hawaii. It was a fantastic, beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime (but I hope not) vacation that I treasure to this day. My mother is somewhat of a hotel snob and we stayed at the most gorgeous resort, the Grand Wailea. Our vacation last ten glorious days and I swear that if we ever go back, we won't be staying anywhere else. Guess we better start saving now.... #gomakethatmoneymoneymoney

Once upon a time B.K. (before kids), I joined a running group and trained for a half marathon. Much to my surprise and probably many others, I completed the half. Even more surprising, the race wasn't until November which meant long runs were on Saturdays during football season. Thankfully and unfortunately, this was in 2012 when Auburn had the WORST record, EVER. Still, I only missed one game for training and still wobbled to the game as it was the oldest rivalry in the south. And yes, I wore that medal to the game. #willrunfortailgating

Obviously, this picture is one of my favorites. If you've read this far then you understand that this was the PERFECT baby announcement for us. I was beyond thrilled when I found the little tiger chair at the grocery store, of all places! Special thanks to my BFF, P, who was able to use her Photoshop skills to make the beauty above. Our baby anouncement was our gender reveal and very fitting on so many different levels. Now I have a sweet and sassy toddler who runs around with those shakers and can sit in that chair. #alwaysbemybaby

Who would have thought that choosing five photos would be so hard?!? 

Although I have collected a ton of pictures over the years - you should seriously see all of my albums on Facebook - these are definitely my top five. Each one symbolizes something that is important to me: Auburn, J, family, goals, and E. God has truly blessed me in those departments and really, starting from the time I was born

Maybe one day I will share my top five silly photos. 

Fun fact: I invented the "duck face" before "duck face" was even a thing. There are probably like 1,000 kissy face pictures floating around in cyber space. 

Well, that's me in a nutshell. Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Wasn't it hard to pick? I did mine yesterday and had like 15, lol! So many fun ones and LOVE the noses!!!!

    1. It kind of was. I think I need to do it again and throw some more "fun" pictures in there.

  2. Your baby announcement was so cute!I'm always blown away by how people can be so creative. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I LOVE that picture of you and J! Y'all look so genuinely happy! It's how all couples should look on their wedding day. The candids are always better than the posed shots!

    And... no comment about all the Auburn stuff. Bahahaha.

  4. I love the pictures you chose and the story they tell! I also now want to plan a trip to Hawaii!


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