Confessions - 3.30.17 -

Do I dare participate in Confessional Thursday?!

You betcha.

I've loved reading some of these posts and if you know me, then you know that I love a good rant. In this case, confessing is just another way of ranting. Ha!

I confess

... that I hate shaving my legs. I obviously do it, but realized I missed a patch on the back of my leg when I could feel it blowing in the wind during our trip to the playground last weekend. #chewbacca

... that my husband's new to him, old in reality, Mustang is in the shop and it makes me happy. My house isn't shaking from the rumbling engine and I have more room in the garage. #sorrynotsorry

... that my neighborhood drives me crazy, but I love the majority of our neighbors. I have made many great friends here, but could do without the people who can't park in their garage. #finethemall

...that I HATE when people don't use the garage to park in. Maybe it's my Type A personality, but cars in the driveway/on the street clutter the look of the community. #myhusbandstruckdoesn'tfitinourgaragethough

... that sometimes I get really jealous/homesick that I don't live as close to my high school/college friends, family, and shopping opportunities as I would like. #peaceupAtowndown

... that I am on round five of Whole 30 and keep thinking about cookies. #cookiemonsternomnomnomnom

... that I may lose my mind over strep throat. It absolutely terrifies me that we are dealing with this continuously and it doesn't help when articles start popping up on Facebook where strep has turned into cancer, mental illness, and amputation. #stopstalkingmeFacebook

... that we met with the ENT for said strep and a tonsillectomy has been scheduled. #sendwineandxanax

... that work has truly frazzled my brain. At the end of the day I change into my gym clothes in the bathroom at my office. One morning I realized that I couldn't find my bra or my shirt from the day prior. Turns out I left it in the bathroom stall with my bra on top and out in the open for all to see. Thankfully, no one decided to turn it in to the (mostly male) managers in the office. #nofreeingthetatashere

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  1. BAHAHAHA. I'm still laughing about you leaving your dang bra in the bathroom stall... I bet somebody saw it and thought "what in the HECK happened in HERE?!" #Scandalous

    I'm so glad that you finally participated in the Thursday Confessions because I knew yours would be funny. And I'm also glad that I'm not the only one who uses it as an outlet to complain. Ha!

    P.S. Your leg hair blowing in the wind... STOP IT! I'm cracking up!

  2. I am laughing at the hair blowing in the wind comment. I hate when I miss a spot shaving. I hate shaving my legs. Ugh. I am so sorry about the strep throat. We are battling illness here as well. I have been sick for over a month. First with bronchitis and now I go to the doctor today to figure out what I have. It is awful. And the leaving your bra in the bathroom had me dying as well. Thanks for the laughs today.

  3. The cars - you and my husband!! I'm always leaving my SUV in the circle drive and he's always putting it back in the garage for the night #guilty

  4. I hope you feel better very soon. Facebook ads are annoying/creepy.


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