Weekending + Strep

Whew! This weekend flew by way too quickly for my liking. Why is it that I always need another day to recover from the weekend?

If you read my Favorites On A Friday post from last week, then you already know what big plans were in store for us this weekend. 

Friday evening began as a girls night with E and Foxie. We went to dinner and a show - Peter Pan at one of the nearby schools. 

I was a bit nervous wondering how E would handle it, but she did okay. As a lover of dance, she threw up her hands and popped her hips during each song and loved clapping and screaming when each scene was finished. We left before intermission (over an hour in) since it was near bed time. I thought it was nicely done and some of the kids had some really good vocals, which is always helpful when singing is involved. 

We started off our Saturday morning with a girls breakfast and ended the morning at the pediatric urgent care.

You may recall our battle against strep throat. All week I have had a feeling that something wasn't right with E - it's hard to explain, but her behavior is just "off." She becomes fussier, disobedient, and lethargic. Unfortunately (and fortunately) we can assume strep is rearing it's nasty head before it becomes severe (fever, vomiting, etc.) simply by noticing her behavior. After an hour and a half wait, the test came back positive meaning E has strep for the fifth time in five months.

We met with the ENT in January to inquire about tonsillectomy, He advised against it as a small percentage of kids will bleed after the procedure and it's hard for a munchkin to lose blood. However, he did say that if it continues on a monthly basis then we will need to see him again. I guess I know who I will be calling this week...

Are there any doctors, nurses, mommas, etc. reading this who have experienced anything like this?Please comment below and share your advice!

The rest of the day was spent napping, catching up on The Blacklist: Redemption, and getting ready for date night! 

J and I headed out for a delicious dinner downtown that consisted of crabmeat fritters, filets, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, and cheesecake. It was phenomenal! 

Following dinner we headed over to see my second musical production for the weekend, Grease! It was held at the historical Springer Opera House, which was so charming. 

Our seats were very close (fifth row from the stage) and it was a good performance although it didn't stay true to script the entire time. However, they definitely missed the mark in the wardrobe department - that was a disappointment as I think it should have been the easiest part to replicate. Regardless, it was a great to have some alone time with J. 

Due to the illness we had to skip church so we said our goodbyes to Foxie and decided to prepare for the week. I took advantage of the free morning and attempted a run. 

But it's hard to run when your pants are falling down so I did a little over a mile and headed home. E and I ventured to the store where we bought all the toothbrushes - cheers for Barbie on clearance!

We ended the evening grilling dinner, washing all the things, and trying to rest before the week begins. I hope your weekend was healthier than ours and if you read this entire novel, then I am shocked. This may be my longest weekend post ever. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, poor thing! So many times in so little time. At least barbie was on sale that is always a plus, right. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I want to see a few plays. I REALLY want to see Beauty & The Beast, I am still trying to get the boyfriend to go. I hope the little one feels better and you guys have a great week!

  2. You should have titled the post Weekend + Strep AGAIN. I mean seriously, how many times is this poor girl going to endure this?! Jeez. I hope you guys figure out what to do soon. I just honestly don't know what I would do... probably wait a little longer? Hopefully it will taper off a little during the summer. Poor E. And poor Mommy. :o(

    But hey, at least date night was successful!! I'm glad you guys liked the restaurant. It's my faaaave!

  3. So sorry to hear about E's strep..
    Looks like an otherwise great weekend!


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