Favorites On A Friday

It's F-R-I-D-A-Y!!!

After a LONG work week, this meme is giving me all the feels. #becauseitstrue

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Most importantly, my mother is visiting this weekend and I am so pumped to see her! E is going through a stage constantly announcing who her best friend is and while I usually top the list, there is no competition when Foxie is in town. While Foxie is always one of my favorites, today I am sharing a few more favs on the blog today. These items are a mix from this week and the previous week since I missed out last Friday's post. #slacker

Hidden Produce

Between working full-time and attempting to be a decent wife and mom (and trying to catch up on my reality TV, keep my house from turning into a pigsty, hitting up the gym, etc.), I don't have a lot of spare time. I really try to prepare healthy meals (typically Whole 30), which is only possible through meal planning and prep. When I stumbled upon an area in the store that took part of the preparation out, I dove in head first! I'm looking at you diced veggies.

Now I can measure and go when compiling a dish - there is no need for me to use a knife (most of the time). This is also perfect for making an omelette on the weekends or creating healthy salads for lunch during the week. And the best part about this is that these are located in the fresh produce so it's not frozen. I'm fully aware that I am probably paying more going this route, but compared to the time saved and mess avoided, it's worth it!

Big Girl Bedding

Confession: My three year old still sleeps in her crib.

Throw your stones, send me your mom-shaming tweets, start questioning if you are raising your own kid right, but E is a great sleeper and we are not trying to disturb the slumber. Since she is safe in her crib and hasn't climbed out (except one time with Foxie was sitting), this is where she rests. However, I understand that I cannot live in this fantasy forever and took the first step towards a big girl room - I ordered bedding!

I don't know when we'll actually get around to making the transition since numerous items need to be completed (paint color, window treatments, decor, etc.) so don't hold your breath for the makeover post. But it you have any ideas, please share them below!

Office Supplies

Remember my post about back to school shopping?

My love for office supplies remains strong. Although this week was rough on the work front, a shipment arrived on Tuesday that absolutely delighted me.

Aren't these beautiful?

I'll have to check if the Paper Mate Flair pens are offered in our supply book. If so, I will order them the next time around. They are PERFECT for all you plannerholics. #trustme


We were sent the most beautiful arrangement from J's work in honor of his grandmother.

I have been obsessing over these gorgeous flowers since they arrived at our house. The only problem is that our cat(s) likes to eat it, which inspired my husband's Facebook post.

Holidays With E

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Holidays with a toddler are SO fun! I find it hilarious that she get so excited over the holiday when she has no idea what the celebration is for.

Around Wednesday, I realized that I did not have a green, festive shirt for her to wear. #momfail Thankfully, my friend came to the rescue and created the perfect top.

How adorable will E be?!?

If you are interested in seeing more creations from Southern Belle Designs (such as clothes, Easter buckets, etc.) you can visit her page here.

Feeling particularly festive? Last week I shared about a time when I was lucky and also put together a very green round up in honor of today. Check it out - it's magically delicious!

While we won't be celebrating with green beer this weekend, we do have a few things lined up. Tonight Foxie and I are taking E to see Peter Pan. Say a few prayers for us because this is not a movie, it's an actual play. We will see how well she does during the production. #fingerscrossed

On Saturday we have another birthday party to attend and then J & I get a date night! We are heading downtown for a fancy dinner and then hopping over to the theater to watch Grease.

Come back on Monday to read all about it!

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  1. I hope E does well seeing Peter Pan, and that shirt is TOO cute! I love seeing my nieces and nephew dress up for the holidays. And hey, if she's sleeping well, it's fine! I LOVE the new bedding for the future though.

    Lauren @ www.shootingstarsmag.blogspot.com

  2. I say this as a mama whose boys started climbing out of the crib at 16 months- Let your baby stay in the crib as long as she wants! If a kid is sleeping well change NOTHING! :)

    1. She is STILL in the crib and if I have my way, we won't be moving her anytime soon!

  3. Are those Sharpie pens? Cool. I am going pen shopping today. I need some gel pens for one of my new journals.
    I just wrote about St. Patrick's Day too. You can check out my post here https://runwright.net/2017/03/17/arent-you-celebrating-st-patricks-day-today/

    1. They are Sharpie pens, but they bleed through still. :(

  4. Happy Friday! That meme is perfect. I feel you, keeping everything together is no easy task. Some days I have no clue how we make it work. I'll have to see if my store has a diced veggie section. Have a great weekend! Beautifully Candid

  5. Girrrrl, which store did you get those diced veggies?! I need!! Anything that saves time is a winner in my book! TOTALLY worth the extra $$. And as always we are twinning with our love for school supplies. I need to walk two cubes over and try them out!

  6. Were your diced yellow onions - OVERPOWERING? I find whenever I buy pre-cut onions, they are SO STRONG and all I can taste is onions. Im curious to hear your experience!

    Mesha - https://tshirtsandtantrums.wordpress.com

    1. Do you know that I didn't notice the strong smell until I read your post? So yes, they are, but I didn't notice until you commented. :)


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