Chicken Wings

In Texas we would often frequent Buffalo Wild Wings to meet with friends for great convo, drinks and dinner. While I am not a huge fan of their menu (in fact there are only a few items BWW serves that I actually like), I loved the honey bbq wings - traditional a.k.a. bone in. Since I am on a lovely diet, I decided to torture myself and try making wings at home.

Chicken Wings:
Chicken Wings
Franks Wing Sauce - you can use whatever sauce you desire

Marinate the wings for at least 30 minutes. Set the oven to broil and make sure the pan you use is a broiling pan! Cook the wings for 10-12 minutes. Flip the chicken over and use some of the remaining sauce to coat (this will also help the chicken to not dry out as the oven temperature is very hot). Cook the wings for another 10 - 12 minutes. Once the wings are finished cooking add the remaining sauce and voila!  - they are ready to serve.

Rating: 5/5

I actually wound up using large drumsticks in stead of the smaller wings you would receive in a restaurant. That's what happens when you do not pay attention while grocery shopping. Regardless, they were super yummy and I would hope less fattening as they are not fried and no grease or butter was used. J enjoyed his and I served it with celery and blue cheese - very original.

Chicken Nacho Casserole

So in exciting news - J and I FINALLY got a laptop! Therefore, I don't think I have an excuse for lack in blogging. It's so nice to sit and watch tv on the couch while playing on my computer!

No we didn't get a Mac........I KNOW everyone loves theirs, but J is super against it. And I was against a desktop so we compromised - hey that's what marriage is all about!

This weekend I am leaving for ATL and then off to a wedding in Indiana! I'll post pics later, but I am super pumped about a girls weekend even though I will miss my husband. I hate being apart.

Sister C sent a recipe that I made and served to my test rats friends tonight. It was super yummy so I will share it with you. Unfortunately, there is no picture since my iphone attempted suicide thanks to my old desktop computer. I have become so dependant on my phone - luckily I will get my new one tomorrow.

Chicken Nacho Casserole:

Chicken breasts - cooked and cubed
Cream of mushroom soup
Can of rotel
Tortilla chips
Splash of milk
Mexican cheese
Sour cream

Crush chips in the bottom of a greased baking dish. Combine in a bowl: chicken, rotel, soup, and a splash of milk. Add the mixture to the dish. Add more crushed chips and top with cheese. Bake for 350 degrees for 20 minutes. When it's done cooking, top with sour cream and salsa. Makes 6-8 servings. This recipe is super easy to make and very yummy. It's like a fiesta in your mouth. I will absolutely make it again.  

Rating: 5/5

Fruit Pizza

Welcome to a special edition of Bentley Like the Car - I Should Be A Princess.

While I very much enjoyed the Royal Wedding - okay, I just love Kate Middleton. Back in the old days I thought Prince Williams was so handsome, but age has not treated him too kindly. However, I adore Kate! I think she is pretty, but I obsess with her poise and amazing fashion sense. So I was excited to see the Royal Wedding attire. I loved it. And thank goodness for DVR so I could fast forward the LONG wedding!

And I thought this was so hilarious:

However, this post would not be complete without a recipe - royal wedding style. So without further delay insert drum roll here

Fruit Pizza
Roll of sugar cookie dough
8 oz neufchatel cream cheese
1/2 C sugar
1/2 t vanilla extract 

Bake the cookie first according to instructions. Obviously you want to flatten it out before the bake. Place cookie in the fridge to cool. Mix cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla. Spread the icing on the cookie and add fruit accordingly.

This is a cool yummy treat that my sister is obsessed with. C loves to make and design this dessert. Aside from the fruit below, you can always add in what you desire - raspberries, kiwi, etc. A very easy to make item that I can imagine, would be easy to make with your kids! My cats weren't too interested in it though.....

True Life: I'm Not Sure Where the Time Has Gone

I would be lying if I said my absence from blogging was due to my incredibly busy lifestyle - although I feel busy A LOT!

So an update.......On April 30th, I completed my first 10K! How far is a 10k you may ask? Well it is far enough to where you think you will die. Real talk. It's a long 6.2 miles. Dad and I both ran in the Water for the World (I think that's the name) in Johns Creek. I was so excited to be able to go home for the weekend! Dad completed his first 5K and I finished my 10K. I had ran the distance once before on the treadmill and I am proud to say that I finished around the same time (1 hours 17 minutes and 22 seconds). It is a 12:23 minute mile and I was very proud to have finished in that time - why? Because there were HILLS. Hills are the devil - there was a big hill and then small rolling hills. Aghhhh.

I can't remember if I posted the completely horrid picture of the blister on my foot, but here it is if you haven't seen it. So gross.

Why did you have to view that? After 2 months of running with that blister and getting another blister on the other foot, I have solved the problem. Laugh all you want to at the solution, but if you had solved my problem before then I wouldn't have been dying in pain while running.

Do not run in cotton socks. Yes most people know this. I however had no idea. So go buy yourself a nice pair of moisture free socks and save your feet!

In case you have the crazy idea to run a 10K, here is the schedule I used:

Working out so much has had it's perks - my goal is to be down at least 20 lbs by the end of May. That would be losing a pound a week since I started working out. Since ending the training (although I am going to be keeping up the running and working out - who knows I may get a crazy bug to run a half marathon), I have started Nutrisystem. Some of my friends from college have had great success with this program and it has been doable so far. I also wanted to start this so it would "kick start" my metabolism. I am still cooking for J so there are recipes that will be posted!

Tickets were recently purchased for the Femme Fatale Britney Spears tour!!! And on that random note, I LOVE her new album. I haven't been listening to it until recently, but I heart it. And Nikki Minaj will be on tour with her as well.

Next weekend I will be flying to Indiana with two of my best friends (my little sis and grand little sis more specifically) for my old AU roomie's wedding. I'm very excited as I cannot wait to stalk Peyton Manning. Holla.


I Will Fire Myself From My Own Blog.

AGH. I have been horrible with updates. I promise I will be updated in the near future. Just wanted yall to know I am still alive. :)