True Life: I'm Not Sure Where the Time Has Gone

I would be lying if I said my absence from blogging was due to my incredibly busy lifestyle - although I feel busy A LOT!

So an update.......On April 30th, I completed my first 10K! How far is a 10k you may ask? Well it is far enough to where you think you will die. Real talk. It's a long 6.2 miles. Dad and I both ran in the Water for the World (I think that's the name) in Johns Creek. I was so excited to be able to go home for the weekend! Dad completed his first 5K and I finished my 10K. I had ran the distance once before on the treadmill and I am proud to say that I finished around the same time (1 hours 17 minutes and 22 seconds). It is a 12:23 minute mile and I was very proud to have finished in that time - why? Because there were HILLS. Hills are the devil - there was a big hill and then small rolling hills. Aghhhh.

I can't remember if I posted the completely horrid picture of the blister on my foot, but here it is if you haven't seen it. So gross.

Why did you have to view that? After 2 months of running with that blister and getting another blister on the other foot, I have solved the problem. Laugh all you want to at the solution, but if you had solved my problem before then I wouldn't have been dying in pain while running.

Do not run in cotton socks. Yes most people know this. I however had no idea. So go buy yourself a nice pair of moisture free socks and save your feet!

In case you have the crazy idea to run a 10K, here is the schedule I used:

Working out so much has had it's perks - my goal is to be down at least 20 lbs by the end of May. That would be losing a pound a week since I started working out. Since ending the training (although I am going to be keeping up the running and working out - who knows I may get a crazy bug to run a half marathon), I have started Nutrisystem. Some of my friends from college have had great success with this program and it has been doable so far. I also wanted to start this so it would "kick start" my metabolism. I am still cooking for J so there are recipes that will be posted!

Tickets were recently purchased for the Femme Fatale Britney Spears tour!!! And on that random note, I LOVE her new album. I haven't been listening to it until recently, but I heart it. And Nikki Minaj will be on tour with her as well.

Next weekend I will be flying to Indiana with two of my best friends (my little sis and grand little sis more specifically) for my old AU roomie's wedding. I'm very excited as I cannot wait to stalk Peyton Manning. Holla.

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