Mom Summer Exchange

Hellooooooooooooooo long-lost friends!

I realize it's been almost an entire month without a post and believe me when I say that life has been crazy busy. I feel like I have always been as transparent as I can be on the blog and genuinely strive for complete honesty. That being said, I apologize as I will not be sharing the reason for the hiatus - although, I hope to chat about it one day. If things continue to improve, I think a few blog posts could be in the future. :) I appreciate any prayers you send our way!

Enough about me and my sketchiness. Today's post focuses on the fun swap I participated in earlier this month.

I am a relatively new reader of My Glittery Heart and was thrilled when Heather announced the Mom Summer Exchange she was hosting. Being the adventurous person that I am (can you read the sarcasm?) I filled out the form and was soon matched with Jenna from Tractors and Glam, which was excellent since I had never read her blog. 

After a few emails, we learned a bit more about each other and got to work!

When I opened up the package, I had a little note explaining that she picked some of her favorite things. This cute card also reminded me that I need to have some fun stationary on hand at all times. 

The first item I was immediately drawn to because I have wanted it for weeks and weeks and weeks!

I was in dire need of a bright, summer polish and she nailed it! 

Appropriately titled Watermelon by essie, I immediately used it and even painted E's toes for the first time. It also made me chuckle as my last post was How To Cut A Watermelon...Easily.

Keeping with the watermelon theme, a package of Sour Patch candy was included. 

I love these and reminisced about the years I worked at Limited Too (that store now known as Justice). It's where I met one of my BFF (DJ) and we would snack on the sweet and sour "fruit" during our shift. 

She also included another beauty item that I am looking forward to trying. 

The peel-off part slightly frightens me, but the packaging just screams "refreshing!" 

The mask and the polish were tucked away in the next surprise:

How funny and fitting is this water bottle?! Some days I have this attitude when my alarm goes off because...adulting is hard. 

Anyone who knows me well is aware of my obsession with chapstick, which is why this next gift was perfect.

SPF is incredibly important (especially on your smoocher) and this will be used for pool days, outdoor runs, and future football games - if it makes it that long!

Speaking of lazy days by the water, the last surprise is ideal for the season. 

I love the anchor, play on words, and size of the bag. Plus, it's plastic and I envision it holding allllll the things when the heat forces us towards water. 

This may have been my first swap, but I am eagerly anticipating the next one! Who doesn't love surprise packages in the mail?!?

Although I enjoyed getting something delivered that wasn't from Amazon, hehe, it is true that it is better to give than to receive. 

I had so much fun picking out items - hop on over to Tractors and Glam to see what I sent!

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Oops...I'm a slacker and couldn't finish the post. 

I'll be back soon!