Month Six

Two months late is better than no post at all, right? Grrr. I usually take notes on my iPhone and unfortunately, they were erased so this post is based off a very tired mommy memory.

Sleep: You are sleeping through the night most of the time which we clearly love. We also transitioned you out of your sleep sack so you only sleep in pajamas now. At first I was going to purchase the next size up in a leggies sleeper by Wombie. However, one night the sleep sack was in the wash so your dad and I dared to see how you would do without it and you were just fine.

Clothes and Diapers, etc: You are almost out of 3-6 month clothes and have begun to jump into the 6-9 month section of your closet. We still have some size 2 diapers that we are trying to use before jumping into size 3.

Bath: Your craddle cap is gone so we are back to using the Honest brand shampoo and body wash for you. Bath is easier and we still use a baby bath thing. We may use that until you're 3. :)

Medical: I was totally freaked out one day when getting you ready for bed when I noticed this rash all over your body. You get so hot in your car seat and will sweat like crazy on the way home from school (even though it's a short ride home). Hence, we experienced our first heat rash. Later this month you also had another really bad yucky cold, but we pressed on and survived.

Food: You are still EBF. I try and nurse you in the morning before work and in the evening before bed.When you take a bottle it's around 5 oz and you still have 3 bottles while you are at school. You are also holding your bottle somewhat. Most exciting though - we started solids at the end of this month! We began with sweet potato and then peas. You have done well with both and we started sending food to school with you.
Stats: You weigh 16.4 lbs and are 25.75 inches long.

Development/Mannerisms: The biggest development is that you are making moves which cause us to believe you will be crawling soon. You will also roll to get around the room at school. In fact, you are now moving out of the first baby room into the second baby room. Tears. You still love the foos and are so interested in them. I can make you giggle sometimes and it is so precious to hear your laughs!
Appearance: Your hair is still a light brown color with a redish tint. At first I thought the red appeared when using different filters on Instagram, but other people have commented on it in person. Your hair is also out of control and crazy like mine was at your age.   Your eyes are still a gorgeous blue and you have better lashes than I do. Your toe and finger nails are sharp and out of control.



All About Mom:
- I started a new job this month - hence the delay in the blog post. I am very, very happy!

- My hair still falls out, but not as bad.

- For my first Mother's Day we hired a cleaning company to come twice a month. Best idea ever.

- Confession: No idea.

- Your father was baptized this month.