Stitch Fix #1 and #2

It's a wonderful thing that I do not get paid to update my blog. Or maybe I should - then I would not be such a slacker! After receiving my second Stitch Fix, it is very obvious that I need to share my review with you.

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? You can sign up for it here with my referral link:.

I received my first fix about a month ago. It was a 2/5. When I get a chance, I will update this with the exact names of these items for those of you who sneak a peek before your box arrives.

Stitch Fix #1

Gilli - Adison Dress
 Dresses are welcome and I really like this style/design. However, it fit funny and because it is summer, I sent it back as it looks like more of a winter dress to me. #next

Pixley - Polly Dotted Chevron Tie Waisted Tunic
 This is a horrible picture (not much has changed from my previous blogging days), but this is a tunic (I expressed my love of tunics). It has a sash that you can tie and wear with the shirt. Sometimes I tie it, but it depends on how quickly I am trying to get out the door! Yes, I kept this item. I would not have picked it out for myself, but liked the style and fit. #winning

41Hawthorn - Queensland Dolman Jersey Top
 Another tunic! I love when my stylist listens to me (because I am like such a professional stitch fixer - ha). It was very clingy in all the wrong places, a thicker material (not ideal for the humidity) and very plain. At over $50 it was not worth it IMO. #next

Margaret M - Emer Jaquard Print High Waisted Cropped Pant
 By far, these pants were the most pleasant surprise of all. I requested items for work and am pleased to say these were perfect! The waist is composed of a stretchy material (perfect for post baby, post surgeries, big meals, etc.) and made from a light fabric. They are black with a fun design. I would have never picked these out for myself as they are a style I don't typically love (cropped), but they are fantastic. #winning

Zad - Marley Scroll Detail Drop Earrings
 My last item was a pair of earrings. Eh. I was drawn to them and would have kept them IF the other items would have worked out. Now that baby E (who isn't a baby anymore for my faithful followers) is out of the grabbing stage (knock on wood), I am thinking about accessorizing more. For the price (without the discount) and the quality of the jewelry, I sent them back.

Stitch Fix #2
This fix has played a few mental games with me. I decided to have a quick peek once I received the exciting email that my box had shipped.

You didn't know that you could stalk the items before they arrived on your doorstep? You can. Once it's shipped log into SF and go to checkout. From here you can see the names of the items you are getting and the cost.

I decided to look because I wanted to confirm that the amount I budgeted was realistic. I did not participate in what the majority of SF stalkers do and search for the items on the world wide web. I immediately was disappointed because I was receiving pair of jeans, a dress (not awful) and three tops. Mainly I was angry because I specifically requested business casual items for the bottom half of my body (pants, capris, skirts), casual shorts for summer, and professed my undying love for the Margaret M pants (see above). Not to mention that the note to my stylist and the dislikes on my style profile point blank say no button ups or anything sheer. Guess what items have sheer and button up in the name? Yup, 2/3 tops. Sign. I also had a different stylist from last time. #angela

 Hailey 23 - Gavin Striped Dress
I am very accepting of dresses. However, because I sent the last one back for being too "wintery" I was sad that I received another dress in black and white. It was a very cute cut and would have been appropriate for work, church, etc. Unfortunately, I didn't love it hugging my stomach and would have preferred a different color and lighter material. #next

Collective Concepts - Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse
A word of advice, if it has button up in the title and I shared my disdain for button ups it would be wise to keep it in the warehouse. I did try it on as it is navy and the style was appropriate for work, but our relationship ended there. The top is very sheer (not work appropriate) and although it had a loose fit, my ta-tas were busting through. #next

Lucy Sheer Yoke Knit Tank
Another sheer item. Excellent. I tried this tank on and considered keeping it. I somewhat liked the style, but IMO it is too casual for work. What are those adorable little lines on the front and back of the shirt? They are peepholes. I can see myself sitting in the conference room and a coworker glances over thinking "Can I see through her shirt? Is that her skin showing?" No thanks. I debated keeping it, but won't give in for an item I can only wear at home. #next

Pixley - Eileen Honeycomb Texture Knit Tank
I immediately was attracted to this top as soon as I unwrapped the tissue paper. All through dinner I was hoping this somewhat cropped top would be a good fit. I paired it with the capris (see below) and went to show my husband. J can be quite unfiltered and is a terrible liar, but seemed to really like it. This is a top I feel comfortable wearing to work or out for date night. The shirt I kept from my last fix was also from Pixley so that brand will be requested on my style profile. #winning

Kut From The Kloth - Haiden Straight Leg Jean
This is the item I did not want to love. Thankfully they are jean CAPRIS and not full length jeans as I imagined from my sneak peek. I really liked them. Sign. Unlike my other jean capris they are a darker wash (my sister will be proud) and super soft. Plus, the cuff is stitched so I do not need to waste my time folding them for the perfect sized cuff. I decided to keep them even though I cannot wear them to work....But I can wear them to Game Day. #winning #WDE

As I come to an end for this post, I cannot promise anymore updates for 2015. But I can give you my referral link for SF. Give it a try. The worst case scenario is losing your $20.

And I will not be requesting Angela anytime soon.