Month Eight

Only one month later!!! I lied - I started it a month late and have now finished it 2 months later. Sigh. This month you had your first long car ride (5 hours) and trip out of town (to a place that was not Atlanta).

Sleep: Agh. There was a rough patch where you were waking up twice a night, which I blame on teething. Absolute craziness. You also set a record at school with a total time of 20 minutes napping ALL day. Thank goodness you do not get too fussy. Your crib at school was in the center of the room where all the action was so I spoke with your teachers and they moved you to a crib in the corner. So far it has helped. 

Clothes and Diapers, etc: You are still in size 6-9 clothing and size 3 diapers.

Bath: Bath time has become a fun experience for you and your dad. Your daddy gives you about 99% of the baths now. We now refer to it as "Splishy Splashy" time and you love it! You enjoy splashing around and playing with your bath toys and I enjoy not having to stress over it.

Medical:  Unfortunately you have inherited your mother's awful skin and it is very sensitive. We think you have a bit of excema and cover you in Baby Aveno lotion after splishy splashy time. Equally awesome is the teething process and it appears that you have multiple teeth that may pop through at any time. Somewhere during this month you threw up for the first time. For those who do not know, babies throw up and basically pass out. It was quite scary watching you throw up all hunched over. Babies will become so lethargic during this and immediately after - it looks very scary. It was like you literally threw up all of your energy. We gave you a bit of Pedialite, continued to nurse and you were fine. The biggest medical adventure this month happened while we were out of town. On a trip for a close friend's wedding, I noticed that your hair band was missing one day. Your father and our friend LL thought I was crazy thinking that you swallowed it, but low and behold it passed two days later.

Food: You started off continuing to be EBF. I nursed you in the morning before work and in the evening before bed. Since we started incorporating solid foods into your meals we have cut back on the number of bottles a day. You get two 6 oz bottles at school and about 4 oz of solids. We also moved to size 3 nipples for your bottles. I puree food for you on the weekends and freeze it in ice cube trays. It makes it so much easier to grab and pack it. Unfortunately, I had to have surgery and my frozen milk stash was almost empty. Therefore, you had to have formula or starve. Prayerfully (literally I prayed that you would drink it with zero hesitation) you took it with no problem. Similac Advanced was the only kind we tried so we stuck with it. You were only formula feed for roughly 10 days as I was against nursing feeding you after the crazy medical cocktails I had been on.
Stats: I have no stats for this month.

Development/Mannerisms: You are a rolly poly and roll all over the place! At 32 weeks you started crawling while we were in Scottsboro, AL for a wedding. You also began pulling up some this month as well. One night when we were getting ready for bed you began babbling and starting saying "bababababa."

Appearance: Your hair is still a light brown color and you have enough to rock some serious high ponies! Your eyes are still a gorgeous blue and you have better lashes than I do. Your toe and finger nails are sharp and out of control.


Discomfort from swallowing hair bands

All About Mom:
- Still enjoying the new job and staying very busy!

- Went to the ER on Father's Day (Sunday)

- Had my gallbladder removed the following Thursday (apparently it can be common after pregnancy). I had been having some "attacks" and knew removal was in the future. However, I tried to put it off by monitoring my diet so I would have enough time to have milk on hand and because I was still very new to my job. Clearly with a trip to the ER things did not go as planned.

- Confession: I am very much an advocate for breast milk, but it was SO much easier to just give a bottle. I caught a glimpse into how much extra time I may have when I quit nursing. While I hate not being able to pick up, feed, and play with E for a few days, it was nice not having to be responsible and catching up on Lost.