How to Cut A Watermelon...Easily

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Normally after a long weekend I would be sharing all of our weekending details with you - and believe me, ours was busy, busy, busy! However, today's post discusses a wonderful strategy that is sure to be useful during the upcoming months.

One thing I love about summer is the wide variety of fruits and vegetables available in the grocery stores, farmer's markets, and sometimes in our own backyard. Summer eating can be so easy and simple, yet healthy at the same time.

One of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice is to host or attend a BBQ with friends. I love socializing over a crisp cocktail while trying different dishes that were lovingly prepared (or bought - I've been there too). Sometimes life gets in the way and you find yourself scrambling to bring something yummy that doesn't require a million ingredients or take hours of your time.

When I find myself in a situation described as above, I have the perfect solution - cut up a watermelon!

Watermelon is a healthy snack, perfect for those with specific eating requirements, it's sweet enough for kiddos to devour, and to me it just screams "SUMMER!" Add it to a salad or use it to inspire an adult beverage - the possibilities are practically endless.

In the past I've always stayed away from this fruit because I am HORRIBLE with a knife and felt that I was wasting so much of the melon whenever I attempted to cut one up. That changed when I learned to carve the flesh in a grid like pattern....and for some reason that reminded me of Dexter. Yikes.

Take your watermelon and use a knife to cut horizontal and vertical rows across the flesh. The more "lines" you slice, the smaller the pieces will be. Be sure to cut all the way through until you hit the rind.

Once your melon has been cut, simply pull the pieces out. As you get closer to the rind, you may need to slice them off if you did not cut all the way down.

This method is so easy and eliminates the hassle of eliminating the rind. It's also a relatively clean process - the juice sits in the melon and doesn't leak over your counters, floors, children....

I do not have a melon baller so I have no idea if this is a quicker process, but assume that it is. If you do not have a melon baller or have a fear of knives, use an ice cream scoop to carve that melon up!

Once all the pieces have been plucked, enjoy a piece (or five) for yourself.

If you choose to douse a few with vodka or tequila and store them in the freezer for a rainy day, I won't tell as long as you invite me over! Haha.

Have you tried this a different way? Do tell. E has been wanting to "cook" with me lately and I love that this is something we can do together.

Cheers to a short work week!

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  1. Oh this is definitely handy! I LOVE watermelon, but hate to cut it up so never really get it. I definitely will be now!

  2. Great idea for a post!!! LOVE Warermelon but I often buy it cut because I don't want to do it, now I have an easier way!! Whoohoo!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I was the same way or I would buy it pre-cut for twice the price and half the amount.

  3. That watermelon 🍉 looks 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 I always seem to purchase the pale pink duds ☹️

  4. So you literally just pull them out after you slice the grid???? That's crazy! Seems like it would get stuck. I guess I shouldn't worry about it because I always make B cut ours anyway. Haha.

  5. So easy! I never could figure out an easy way to cut them, lol!

  6. That's how I do it, too! I tried the melon baller prior to this method and it took FOREVER!

  7. Can I make a confession?? So my 3 year old noticed a watermelon on our counter that hadn't been cut yet the other day. She asked for some and I told her "You'll have to wait until Daddy gets home so he can cut it" LOL Thank you for sharing this method because I have NEVER been able to cut a watermelon without making a huge mess! Now Alyx can have some watermelon when Daddy's not home! ha!! =) =)

  8. This is BRILLIANT! I avoid buying watermelons and cantaloupe and honeydew because they are such a pain to cut!! I always just wait for Matt to do it. But I'm going to have to try this!

  9. I think this is great and so simple. I will definitely use this method. And adding in vodka for a rainy day is a great idea as well!


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