Weekending: It's Been a While


Remember me?

I was the blogger who took a lovely three week hiatus from my little blog and left my MILLION (okay, at most like four) readers high and dry without any explanation. Oops...

Please accept my dearest apologies - the week of my last post was chaotic professionally and personally as I scrambled about trying to check off the neverending to-do list in preparation of our family trip. However, as I caught up on my favorite blogs I realized that many of you also took a break from the blogging world so I am glad I wasn't alone!

The next week was spent in full relaxation mode as my entire family bonded in Charleston, South Carolina.

You know how some people say they need a vacation? I never realized how badly I needed time away from work until we came home from our trip. It was amazing how much more rejuvenated and relaxed I was upon our return.

I truly have no excuse for last week except that I didn't want to just throw something at you so I decided to hold off until more thought could be put into my posts. I had high hopes of getting ahead of my blog schedule while on vacation, but aside from a few Instagram posts here and there, I boycotted the majority of technology. And, here we are.

Easing back into the swing of reality was more of an annoyance than anything...I kept making the comment that I was still mellow from my vacation to which my boss replied, "I was wondering what was going on. You've hardly talked since you've been back." Ha ha.

I rolled out of work on Friday and headed to pickup E from school. It turned into what is now dubbed "M&M" night (movies and mom) as J was venturing out to test his car at the dragstrip. E and I watered the garden, chowed down on leftover pizza and changed into our jammies. Moana was the chosen feature and we almost finished it before bedtime. J still wasn't home so I took full advantage of the alone time and caught up on Real Housewives of NY and the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Grey's was nothing short of an anxiety filled hour - it was so good and reminded me of how suspenseful it was back in the day. I was also able to check in with one of my besties, which was long overdue.

I woke up on Saturday morning and headed out to join my run group since I had missed the first three meetings as we were out of town.

It's a good thing I dragged myself out of bed since I was one of two that showed! Regardless, I completed a rough two miles and hope to handle a three mile run in the next month or so.

I stopped by Starbucks and headed to meet J & E at Michaels. Have any of y'all tried their classes? I recently read about a Michaels birthday party on Smidge of This and decided to register E for a few of their kid classes.

At $2 per class I decided to give it a whirl and I am so glad that we did! The cost covered all the materials, a teacher who leads the craft, and it's in a classroom so there is no mess to clean up at your home.

I repeat, no mess at your house!

This week's craft was creating a terrarium so E was able to paint, mold, color, cut, and tape.

After our project was completed, she and I headed to a new after hours pediatrician at the urging of my mother. This past week, E had shown a couple of symptoms (lack of appetite, an accident in her sleep, and falling asleep in the car) that she previously displayed before being diagnosed with strep. Her T&A surgery had been done more than a month prior, but my mother suggested we go just to make sure she was okay.

Unfortunately, the test was positive and I literally felt like I had been punched in the gut.

She was placed on a stronger antibiotic and I will follow up with our pediatrician in a couple of weeks. We are also asking those around us to be tested for confirmation that they are or are not a carrier. Hopefully, someone is and it can be treated accordingly.

Following this news, the rest of our weekend was spent at the house watching lot of Moana, Sophia the First, and some weird pug show on Disney Junior. J and her were BFF on Sunday so I spent most of the day upstairs sorting laundry and catching up on blog things. This provided a ton of time for more TV watching so I could finally cross of Scandal, Blacklist and The Originals as well.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend/last three weeks, ha ha, and that you all have a great upcoming week!

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  1. Oh no! I hope that she's feeling better! Strep is no fun at all. The craft class sounds fun though! I hope you had a great time in Charleston!

  2. I as well took a hiatus the last couple of weeks from blogging. It was a bit refreshing, but I am glad to be back!
    What an awesome thing that Michaels does with these classes! I wish we had one nearby, because I know my girls would LOVE it.
    I feel you with the strep thing. My youngest was acting really tired and not herself. I brought her to urgent care as well, and she tested positive for strep. Ugh. So not fun. But glad you guys are on the mend!!

    Thanks for linking up with us this morning!!

    1. How far is the nearest Michaels for yall? That's a bummer that there isn't once close by. And strep sucks. :( Hope your little is feeling better!

  3. Movie night sounds like the perfect way to go into the weekend!

  4. Girl, I still can't believe that she has strep again. Bless it. I was SHOCKED when I got your text the other day. Hopefully this was just a fluke and it'll be the last one for a while.

    1. Why are you noreply for this comment?

  5. Love that you're back!! I watched Grey's back
    in the day, too, but the past few seasons I seem to skip then binge watch on Netflix!

  6. Aww, I hope she's feeling better! XOXO No worries about the break. Every blogger needs to do that at times! Have a great week!

  7. So glad to have you back. I am so sorry that E has strep again. I hope you get it figured out who the carrier is. That really sucks. Hopefully she heals quickly.

  8. Nothing beats a vacation, that is for sure.

    Prayers for a quick recovery and a good response to the stronger antibiotic that stuff can be SO frustrating!


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