Fruit Pizza

Welcome to a special edition of Bentley Like the Car - I Should Be A Princess.

While I very much enjoyed the Royal Wedding - okay, I just love Kate Middleton. Back in the old days I thought Prince Williams was so handsome, but age has not treated him too kindly. However, I adore Kate! I think she is pretty, but I obsess with her poise and amazing fashion sense. So I was excited to see the Royal Wedding attire. I loved it. And thank goodness for DVR so I could fast forward the LONG wedding!

And I thought this was so hilarious:

However, this post would not be complete without a recipe - royal wedding style. So without further delay insert drum roll here

Fruit Pizza
Roll of sugar cookie dough
8 oz neufchatel cream cheese
1/2 C sugar
1/2 t vanilla extract 

Bake the cookie first according to instructions. Obviously you want to flatten it out before the bake. Place cookie in the fridge to cool. Mix cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla. Spread the icing on the cookie and add fruit accordingly.

This is a cool yummy treat that my sister is obsessed with. C loves to make and design this dessert. Aside from the fruit below, you can always add in what you desire - raspberries, kiwi, etc. A very easy to make item that I can imagine, would be easy to make with your kids! My cats weren't too interested in it though.....

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  1. Loved the wedding.. and honestly Harry has become quite the looker now... Not sure when that happened...


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