She's So Lucky, She's A Star

Today's topic for the Girl Chat link up is "A Time You Were Lucky," so naturally the title of this post seemed fitting for multiple reasons.

While I don't believe in luck necessarily, I love a good theme!

As I stated above, I don't believe in luck. However, I absolutely believe in blessings from above (even if it's something as small as a close parking spot or finding my shoes in the morning). After racking my brain for a perfect story to go with this theme, I could only recall only one time that could be deemed lucky. 

In the Peach State, Keno! is a lottery game where you pick numbers on a sheet, determine the amount of rounds you want to play, and watch a tv (or at least that's how it worked back in the day) as a ball lands on a series of numbers.  
KENO! - Online Betslip

Back in the day J would drag me to this HORRID bar when I was home from college. This bar was close to his house and saw many walks of life. One of the reasons I despised it so much is because I would get thrown out (depending on which bouncer was working that night) for being underage. I was never drinking (hard to believe, but Scout's Honor) and was only there to hang out with my boyfriend and moonlight as a sober driver. You could smoke inside the bar so that stench was absorbed into your skin and stayed with you for at least two showers, but we were friends with the bartenders and when I turned twenty-one I discovered that they made some pretty strong drinks.

One night when I was home from school, J suggested I play Keno! in an attempt to entertain me while he participating in a poker game. With a carefree attitude, I agreed and watched for a few rounds. Eventually, I left to hop on over to the store to pick up something. While running my errand (that tells you how much I loved this bar if I would leave to run errands), J called me excitedly to announce that we won $400.

That is not a typo - FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!

Isn't it typical that you win big the first time you play? That's how it sucks you in for more. You better believe I played Keno! every time I went to Sportstime, although we never won again. Figures.

J & I split the money and I imagine most of my share funded a trip to the bowl game later that month to watch my Tigers play or was spent on clothes and make-up. I have champagne taste when it comes to cosmetics.

True Story: As I was preparing this post, I asked J about a time he could remember when I got lucky. After a hilarious, but inappropriate response, his next answer was "I guess when we played Keno! at Sportstime." #greatminds

We tried to think of other "lucky" scenarios, but came up with zilch - which makes sense because I have the worst "luck" with life. Random, sometimes impossible, but always awkward situations seem to find me - like the time my car was put together with toothpicks or when I ugly-cried over that death of my Kindle at the gym.

Throughout the frustrating times I have been truly blessed overall, particularly with my family. The biggest testament to this is the amazing story of my adoption written by my mother. Of course J and E are obviously treasures from above, even if E's entrance into this world was traumatizing. :)

Do you believe in luck? Have a good story to tell? I want to hear all about it!

And in case you're feeling lucky and need inspiration for the upcoming holiday, check out my Saint Patrick's Day Round Up. You will be feeling festive in no time!


  1. That is so cool you guys won money - sounds like it really came in handy, too, for the bowl game! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Oh, and just to add more (hit publish too soon), I absolutely love that you thought of this song, too. Because I totally had it running through my mind when writing my post!

  3. Thank you for linking up with us! Haha, perfect song for this theme and now I will be singing it in my head all day. I too don't really believe in luck...blessings, well that's a different story :) How awesome you won at Keno! Beautifully Candid

  4. That is cool that you won Keno on your first try and $400. I would definitely call that lucky!

  5. That is so fun! $400 not bad at all! I also don't really believe in luck more everything happens for a reason but hey whatever you call it is a fun thing sometimes :)

  6. I immediately started singing the Brit song when I saw your intro, brings me back LOL! Keno sounds like a lot of fun and how awesome to win on your first time, but you're right, that is how you get sucked in!!

  7. Four hundred dollars? That's amazing! I automatically started singing Lucky when I read your post! I'd forgotten about that song but I loooooved it back in the day! :)

  8. That's awesome!!! I never get lucky with stuff like that!! Lol I only get lucky at winning teaching posters at teacher conferences hahaha LAME!


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