Weekending Expensively

I am somewhat of a saver and absolutely HATE to make big purchases, even if it's a necessary cost. Usually a necessary cost is something like a car expense that can't be helped. Those type of debits make me ill. Then you have fun expenses like furniture and vacations. These also give me a knot in my stomach because we don't NEED gorgeous couches or trips to the beach. I think the only large expense that doesn't make me sick is when I renew our Auburn football tickets. #priorities

Saturday started off like a normal day. Per the norm, J woke up early and lovingly turned down the monitor so I wouldn't hear him wake up E. Unfortunately, that's not always efficient since our bedroom door was open and her crying over brushing her teeth was still heard. The duo headed downstairs where E roared at the cats and chased them upstairs into our bathroom still roaring. Stunned that I was awake, she crawled into bed with me and J soon followed. We should really discuss closing the bedroom door. Bless his heart.

After breakfast we headed downtown for opening season of Market Days. Market Days is held every Saturday and features hundreds of local vendors who sell all types of goodies. Our neighbors secured a booth this year and J wanted to support them. However, we didn't get to visit their booth until it was over. Why? Because we stumbled into a furniture store...

You may recall that we have been on a serious hunt for a new mattress. When we went to the Dierks Bentley concert last month, we walked through a local furniture store on the way to dinner. Well, said furniture store is going out of business (after 75 years - quite sad) so we decided to pop in and see if any deals were calling our name.

We did agree on a mattress that wasn't outrageously priced and in stock, which meant it wasn't a floor model. Hooray! Unfortunately, our shopping didn't stop there and I continued to browse dining room tables.

We have lived in our house for over five years and although our old kitchen table sits in our dining room, we have never splurged on a larger one. I have always wanted a large, rustic table with bench seating on one side. I've even discussed this with some handy neighbors who do woodwork, but never pulled the plug. Long story short, I ran across this table:

While I wasn't thrilled with the chairs, I loved the all-wood bench and table. I suppose we could have four chairs made (but can you match the stain?) or reupholster them later on. Regardless, we finally have a table that will be delivered this week. Eek!

The only downside with purchasing a large and heavy table (aside from actually paying for it), is that we needed a rug underneath it. If we were going to move forward with the table, we needed to do it right. I did not want scratches on my floor! Hence, another item was added to the mix.

In full disclosure, I am a terrible decorator. I can tell you what I like, but have an immensely hard time trying to piece things together. If you have suggestions about paint colors, accent colors, etc., please share! I hope to share some pictures for the Favorites on a Friday post.

 A couple of hours later, we were finished and E was going C-R-A-Z-Y. I promised her a treat so we finally stopped by our friend's booth for some grub (except for me because #Whole30).

And headed to the playground to run off some energy. This playground is really nice and is a great addition to downtown - it's right beside the splash pad and the river.

It was so very hot (it's ONLY April) and our child and money were both spent so we headed home for a nap and to catch up on things around the house.

Sunday started off like it normally would - we spent the morning at church, but decided to head to urgent care afterwards. J had plans following church, but offered to drop me off and wrangle the munchkin so I wouldn't have to at the medical office.

On Friday a spot on my neck popped up that was very itchy. I assumed it was from sweating at the gym and applied anti-itch cream after my shower that evening. It still bothered me on Saturday morning and oddly enough, my ring finger broke into a rash right around where my ring sits. Weirdly, I had not worn my ring for over 12 hours. The doctor seemed puzzled because the two areas didn't look alike. #figures

I left with no real answer, a sore hip from a steroid shot, prescriptions for Benadryl, Calamine lotion, and a steroid pack to consume if it wasn't better by Tuesday. Ugh.

Later that day I was able to sneak away to finally see Beauty and the Beast with a few friends.

Can I just say that I LOVED the movie?!? I'm still swooning over it! I was so thrilled and shocked that it met my expectations. The Be Our Guest song is one of my favorite scenes and I truly enjoyed how it was produced. Now I just want to dress up as Belle and dance around with our cats....

This week will be relatively calm since I will be in training for two days and then Aunt Foo Foo is coming to visit for the weekend! She's our favorite! Our weekend should involve make up lessons, visiting The Loveliest Village on the Plains for A-Day, Easter activities with E, and a picnic.

I would love to hear your thoughts on decorating - I need centerpiece ideas! Do you keep the table set at all times? Furthermore, does anyone have some fun Easter traditions? I found some cute things to keep in mind from The Larson Lingo. I may hit up Pinterest as well. Find me on there and share you ideas!

Have a marvelous Monday!

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  1. I'm the same way with big purchases, they make me ill! I LOVE that table so much and so glad you decided on a mattress. We need a new mattress so bad but we're remodeling our bathroom so we've put it on the back burner for now :(

    1. Do you have pics of your bathroom remodel? I would love to see it!

  2. that table! I love that table :) Also, we need a new mattress too, but I hate making big purchases too hahaha I think we will just wait until after the wedding to pick one out. We are still on a full, which is crazy. It's my old mattress from when I lived alone. Which my fiance, myself and the dog, it's just way too small.

    Midwest Darling

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets ill over big purchases! We slept on my college mattress when we were first married so I feel your pain.

  3. I am a saver too - so a mattress, dining room table AND rug would have probably sent me over the edge. We are still rocking lots of hand me downs, and right now our table is mostly littered with random things that should be put in their proper place. But one day I would love to have a vase with some big fake white hydrangeas, something light & fresh!

  4. I absolutely love the table that you got! When I actually buy a house someday that's the type of table that I want. I hope that the rash goes away soon! Have a great week!

  5. Girl, that TABLE!!!! That is exactly why we have NOT gone in there... I just know I'm going to see something that I need, and the thing is, we don't need anything. Haha. And for our formal dining room I only keep a centerpiece on it... I don't leave place settings out all the time, but I'm sure some people do that.

    And the rash - UGH! I had the same thing happen to me after I had Jacob, but mine was just around my finger under my wedding band. It lasted for MONTHS and nobody could ever figure it out. Finally went away on its own and never came back. Then it happened AGAIN after I had Olivia. I think it was a hormone thing.

  6. Are in in love with that rug or could you part from it? In my imaginary professional opinion I think that table and chairs calls for some navy and off white with pops of color of your choice.
    I also think that dining room tables should be set all the time. If I did not have a 2 year old that acted like a tornado 24/7, I would have my table set. Placemats, chargers, plates, and napkins with napkin rings. You don't needs wine glasses on the table or anything. Throw in a center piece like flowers or something like that and BAM, you have yourself an awesome looking dining room table. Also, splurge on an incredible light fixture above the table. It will change the look of the entire room.
    We are adding a room to our house and it happens to be our dining room :) I'm adding shiplap walls, brick paver floors, a round light fixture, and a cofer ceiling. I cant wait until my husband finishes it in 2029! ��

  7. Oh my gosh....that table is to die for!! I would add so taupes and neutral colors....look at pier1.com. They carry the Magnolia line of rugs and they are fairly priced being that have Joanna'a name on them!
    I only keep a centerpiece on my dining room table!

    I have the same rash as Lindsay....on my finger under my wedding ring. For some reason it flares up when I use a lot of cleaning supplies! Crazy!

    Can't wait to see pictures of the table in your house!

  8. I have been wanting to see Beauty and the Beast. Everyone is saying how good it is. But I do not have anyone that wants to go see it with me. I like your table. Yes it is a big purchase but you will have it for a very long time and I'm sure get your money's worth out of it.

  9. Our middle sons attends Auburn! I've done some races and a triathlon there too. I really like the farmhouse table and bench you found. I've been trying to update my kitchen chairs for years with no success. Thanks for linking, Adrienne!

    1. War Eagle! Is he loving AU? I really want to do the run that ends on the football field. One day...

  10. That table! All the heart eye emojis!


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