Tornadic Storms

Since our tornado warnings on Monday, all eyes in the area have been glued to the weather for today. 

Most of the city is shut down in anticipation of today's storms and all the surrounding schools are closed. Unfortunately, I spent most of last night getting the Harry Potter closet a.k.a. tornado shelter ready in case we needed to move in the middle of the night so I was unable to get my regular post ready - maybe next week. 

J's work announced they would be closed today, which NEVER happens and we had already decided that he would keep E at home. I was anxious about the storms and made the decision to take a credit for a work training I was scheduled for. Even though I am still at my day job, I am much closer to home and not stranded at a hotel with a bunch of strangers. 

The morning activity was not bad (although E woke up crying - I imagine her experience at school earlier this week made her a bit fearful), but tornadic storms are expected later today. 

Stay safe and dry, everyone!


  1. Stay safe and dry! Hope the weather passes quickly!

  2. Ah stay safe!! Thanks for linking up! (love the MTV Crib meme haha)

  3. Harry Potter closet!! Lol. That's EXACTLY what it's like. Ours is under the stairs and everything!

  4. I hope you all were safe and nothing happened. So scary!


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