Favorites On A Friday: Blogger Style

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I don't discriminate when it comes to Friday.

Bring on the weekend!

And don't let the door hit you on the way out, work week.

When it comes to sharing some of my favorite things, I keep a few lists handy so I don't forget to discuss them on the blog. While I hope my suggestions help someone out, I also write about them so I can refer to them later on. My memory has faded since having E (WHY does that happen?!?) so writing things down is a necessity!

I really try to keep my favorites themed, if possible, and today's topic focuses on all things blogger related. Bentley, Like the Car has been around for almost seven years - SEVEN YEARS! It started off as a creative outlet where I could dump all the random thoughts circulating in my brain and then I took a sabbatical  (minus the pay part) while I was pregnant and during the first year of E's life. Since one of my goals was jumping back into the blogging world, I felt like it was an ideal time to share some of my beloved blogger things with you!

Followers App

Fellow blogger and real life friend, Lindsay, wrote a fabulous post about growing your following on Instagram. She has worked her tail off expanding her brand in the online community so I was excited that she divulged a few of her secrets! 

One of the tips she had fully supported of my disdain for those who play the follow/unfollow game on Insta. Following her suggestion, I downloaded the Followers app and haven't looked back. It's perfect for tracking your activity on the Instagram platform and I love the feeling of vindication when I unfollow the bigger influencers who attempt to play the game with me.

And for your enjoyment, a picture of Lindsay and I from yesterday:

See? I told you we knew each other in real life! #twin

iPad Keyboard

Here at our casa, we have one laptop for the entire family. E is too young to fight for computer time, but J and I have run into times where we both needed to use it. Instead of purchasing another computer, I decided to try a keyboard for my iPad.

It was an excellent idea for a fraction of the cost of a new computer! I wasn't sure I would like it at first, but it has grown on me. It's the perfect solution: I can type out my posts while J uses the computer and quickly go back to insert any graphics or photos when he is done (or from my iPad if I am really pushed for time). 

Instagram Loop

Do you follow me on Instagram? If so, then hopefully you saw and participated in the Building your Mom Tribe loop that I co-hosted with a few other mamas.

I was really excited that a spot opened up to co-host with Ally! When I participated in the loop a few weeks ago, I sent her a DM and asked that she keep me in mind when she picked her hosts for the next loop.

Bloggers, do not be afraid to take this approach. 

If you stumble across something that interests you, take the initiative. It can lead to connections with other bloggers, readers, and hopefully gain some exposure for your brand as well. If you are interested in getting a group together for something like this, please keep me in mind! 

Blog Linking

Here and there, I tell stories about parenting my vibracious toddler, E.

One of my recent posts discussed the number that ALL parents need, which I shared in a linkup party. A few days later, I received an email from Laura who said she was going to link up to my blog in her own Friday Favorites. This was cool for numerous reasons. First, someone I didn't know in real life ACTUALLY read my post and secondly, she found me through a linkup party.

Raise your hand if you don't know what a linkup party is.

Link Party

Until recently, my hand would be raised. I swear they were not around (or at least as popular as they are now), when I began this journey a few years ago.

So what is a link party?

It's when a host or group of blogger hosts insert code into their blog to group all their blog posts together give other bloggers a chance to link their blog to the party.

Sometimes the host(s) will pick a detailed theme like Most Embarrassing Moment or something less specific such as Tuesday Talk. Each link party is a way to connect with other bloggers and showcase your content. It can lead to new connections and a future shout out, link or even feature on another blog. Even better, it will help you find new sites to add to your reading list!

That's enough about my favorite blogger things, but I would love to hear what your preferred blogging tools or tricks are! Do you have anything to add or is there something you loathe? I want to hear ALL about it.

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone! Our little family has a semi-unusual,"first time for everything" weekend planned.

I hope to share all the details with you on Monday so see ya then!

*Linking up for Friday Favorites with MomprofessionalsSmidge of ThisCup of Tea, and Meet @ the Barre

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  1. Great tips! Since Lindsay mentioned that Followers app, I haven't looked back either!
    I am trying to grow my IG followers! Slowly but surly! HA
    I love link parties! THat's how I plan my blogging post!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. You're so cute and what a great idea for a post!! I swear link parties have grown my blog by thousands plus super fun and reminds you of oh yeah I need to head over to her cool blog!! You snd Lindsay look so cute but man I hate storms. Glad you ok. Happy weekend!!

    1. Linds is my work twin, but I also love being able to chat about blog things and freak out when storms have us terrified!

  3. I have an unfollow app too because I do not play that game. I also find it super annoying when the larger more popular accounts do. If you follow me & I follow you back, only to have you unfollow me... BYE FELICIA!

  4. I downloaded that follow app so I can track my followers too. I love link parties and I need to reach out to other moms to be a part of loops and what not. I love interacting with fellow moms and feeling not so alone in this parenting world. Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for the shout out, twin!! And LOL to that picture. My oh my what a day. Hopefully that'll be the last time that we have to hang out in the tunnel of love for the year.

    And girl, that is GENIUS to get a keyboard for the iPad! I am totally doing this! I can't stand using the keypad on the screen. #NoBueno

    And yessss to the link parties!! Tons of my traffic comes from them!

  6. Love these ideas, and thanks for the shout out! I would be lost without linkups...no blogging friends and zero traffic. :D Glad you have your real life blogging buddy for tornadoes and blogging tips, that is super cool! ❤

  7. I'm so annoyed with the follow/unfollow game, too! It's crazy!! I'm going to check out that post (and the app), too... The keyboard for the iPad is awesome! I've seen people set that up and it seems like such a quick fix when you need the capabilities! Great idea!!

    1. Did you get the app? A month later and I am still obsessed with it! The follow/unfollow game is bigger than I realized...


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