Whole 30 Round Two, Three, & Four Results

Once upon a time, after reading It Starts With Food, I ventured into the world of Whole 30.

Since then, I have completed four rounds and am currently (although today is day 30) on my fifth round. Throughout this journey, I have published numerous posts about this topic and shared my experiences, tips, and meal plans to help anyone who is considering or currently part of this adventure. You can find all Whole 30 related posts if you read all the way to the end.

Many people will tell you, especially the strict Whole 30 followers, that losing weight is not a goal of this program in ANY shape, way, or form...and they are right. However, eating clean typically will result in weight loss plus many other NSV (non-scale victories). Somehow during all of my Whole 30 posts, I only included results from round one. That changes today.

Round Two Results

  • No headaches/withdrawal symptoms (although I did have achy teeth)
  • Decided to extend two weeks
  • Deeper sleep
  • More energy
  • -10 lbs. 
  • Stomach: -3 inches
  • Thigh: -1.5 inches

Round Three Results

  • Deeper sleep
  • More energy 
  • Clearer skin
  • -10.5 lbs. 
  • Stomach -3 inches

Round Four Results

  • Clearer skin
  • More energy
  • Clear thinking
  • -4 lbs.
  • Stomach: -2 inches
  • Thigh: -.5 inches

Because my last round was only so-so, I embarked on round five soon after. With numerous projects going on at work, personal issues, and trying to balance this and more as a full-time working mother, having control in this area seemed like a necessity. This proved to be very challenging with activities scheduled like A-Day, surprise doctor visits for weird rashes and surgery for my daughter, However, I was able to remain compliant provided I stick to a clean dinner tonight. Woo hoo!

If you want to read more, please feel free to peruse the posts below:

Please feel free to return to this site to read my Whole 30 round five results. I promise they won't be as late as the past ones were!

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  1. Awesome results. I'm trying really hard to eat clean! But sometimes it can be so hard!

  2. I always find these results so interesting. Glad you posted them from your previous rounds - I went back and read old posts and I was wondering how it turned out!

  3. Thanks for sharing! It looks like you did really well - at least from my end. :)


  4. um wow! Way to go! Way to be a motivator!


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