Confessions - 4.5.17 -

After a successful first Confessional Thursday last week and coming to an end of a horribly stressful week, I found myself ranting again.

You're welcome.

I confess

... that Monday morning didn't start very well for me. Before heading into work while sitting in my car, I closed my water bottle and threw it into my gym bag. A few minutes later I realized that I threw my actual SACRED coffee into my bag instead. Needless to say, I skipped the gym due to coffee infused clothes and cried over my wasted beverage. #coffeeismycrack

... that we had tornado warnings at work on Monday and I was thankful the power went out because my eyes were tearing up while we waited. The weather doesn't quite terrify me as much as the fact that E and J were not with me. #familyovereverything

... that my husband called me Monday evening (same day as the coffee incident) and asked if I forgot to feed the cats that morning. Apparently, E left the cans of food and spoon on the floor, but I forgot to actually feed them. #furrymomfail

... that when I filled out paperwork for E's upcoming procedure, it was also for the removal of her adenoids and I had NO idea they were included because it was not mentioned....at all. #surprise

... that my anxiety/stress has skyrocketed these last few weeks and I resumed my sleep aid before bed. It's been nothing short of amazing. #helloambienwalrus

... that I'm annoyed with anyone who complained about our city shutting down in anticipation of bad weather. #bettersafethansorry

... that I cannot wait for this week to come to a close. #byeFelicia


  1. Girl I feel your pain about the coffee issue. I've done that before. Chin up it's almost the weekend!

  2. OMG I can't believe you did that with your coffee! I for sure would have cried LOL. Coffee is my lifeline! I somehow always forget to feed our dog, whoops! And I agree, better safe than sorry for sure! It sounded like it could have been so scary, so glad everyone is OK!

  3. Ugh, your week HAS been bad. I didn't even know about the coffee!! You must have told that story before I came in that morning.

    And girl, they're removing E's adenoids, too?? Craziness!

    And yeah, do NOT get me started about all the haters on FB last night. I mean, would you have rather had your house carried away by a tornado just so the weather people could be right?? Ugh, people are just ridiculous.

  4. OH no the whole coffee ordeal would upset me too. I LOVE my coffee. And realizing that it was on my gym clothes would so upset me. That means no coffee to drink and no working out. Double whammy.

    I heard about the scary weather there. I would be all about family and safety too. Hope you are all safe and this week quickly ends!

  5. oh no.. that coffee situation! i don't drink coffee but i have definitely done stupid things like that before and ruined my morning/day. i do not do well with tornado warnings. i don't think we've ever had any in this area since i moved here but the warnings make me cry for real. but anyway, i'm with you, i'd rather people in charge close the city/school/whatever because you're right - better safe than sorry!


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