Weekending: Stranger Danger

I am absolutely 100% in need of a weekend to recover from the weekend - heck, to recover from the last few months!

Even though this is technically a weekend recap post, our schedule has been so sporadic these last few weeks that I feel it's necessary to capture those fun details. This is a detailed post, but please stay with me until the end. I have something that I need help with. 

You may recall that E had a T&A procedure done on Good Friday. Recovery from this procedure can take up to two weeks. That's right, fourteen days of limited activity, watching her food and drink intake, and no school. Thankfully, our ENT said she could return to class after ten days if everything went well. However, we still needed to stay at home with her during the first week. I was able to work from home that Monday and our sweet Foxie came to watch E for the rest of the week. The week was filled with trying out the Walmart grocery pickup, covering Foxie in stickers, and getting Foxie out of the house in the evenings for Bible study, Thai food, and manis and pedis.

Personally, I had a very rough day staying home with E on Monday and while my mother has the patience of a saint, it was so important to me to try and give her a break in the evenings. Plus, I just love hanging out with my mother! I cannot seriously thank her enough for helping us out. 

Now onto the weekend....

A huge audit from HQ is being conducted for our division in a couple of weeks. We've been working on this audit (I don't think it's like your typical audit - remember, I'm in marketing) over the last few months and there has been some confusion over which sections need to be completed. Imagine my excitement when finding out that two parts needed to be filled out and I had only a couple of days before it was due. Ugh. My entire Friday was spent working on that and staying about an hour past closing time. Mom and I decided to go out to eat so E could get out of the house and I rushed home to pick them up for a girls night out. We feasted on Italian food and stopped by Dairy Queen for dessert on the way home. 

Before E's procedure was placed on the books, Foxie had already planned to sit for E while we had a date night to the Music & Miracles Superfest event in Auburn. Since she would be at home with E on Saturday night, we decided to venture out that morning with the hope of wearing down the toddler who started skipping her naps.

Our morning began downtown at a delicious restaurant that has the yummiest biscuits. This was perfect since E loves her some biscuits! The owner is local and owns numerous, unique eateries in the area. This one in particular boasts a rustic, eclectic design and is relatively inexpensive for breakfast food. I had a delicious biscuit sandwich with ham, goat cheese, and jalapeƱo jelly - my taste buds are watering just thinking about it!

Following breakfast we strolled through downtown, bought some produce from local vendors, and watched someone do more push ups than I can count (totally kidding, but it was a lot) to earn free food.

We headed back toward the house and I stopped at a local boutique to spend my gift card from Christmas on a dress and earrings for the concert that night.

Yes, I jumped on the tassel train. I really love this trend!

E also figured out how to open the door while we were on our way home.

That afternoon we headed to Acre for another delicious meal. This time I tried their salmon cakes and they did not disappoint.

Tickets were purchased so long ago that I totally forgot we were sitting on the field for the concert! Anyone who knows me is aware that I love ALL things Auburn. Sitting on the 50 yard line was right up my alley! I was THRILLED.

We basically missed the opening act, David Ray, since we were trying to get to our seats and grab some refreshments as it was quite toasty. Not as hot as on Game Day, but close. Budweiser was a sponsor for this event so I was able to have a cocktail in the stadium...legally. 

Kelsea Ballerini came on next and she was adorable.

Following her was Lynyrd Skynyrd.


My sorority, band-party loving self was beyond ecstatic to hear them play. "Sweet Home Alabama" in the Auburn stadium?! Yes, please!

We also witnessed the event crew climb up and down this structure throughout the evening. No, thank you. 

For those sitting on the floor, portapotties were set up on the lower level outside the stadium. J & I were pretty excited to walk under the stadium since it is my understanding that you only see this part if you are detained on Game Day.

The sole reason I wanted to attend this event was to see my boy, Thomas Rhett. He was SO good and charming. I love his music! Plus he brought his dad on stage who writes a good chunk of the songs on country radio. And my apologies for the pictures - my iPhone does not do well in concert settings.


Between Thomas Rhett and the headline, J decided to take a nap. Old man can't hang. 

Before Blake Shelton took the stage, one of his team members from The Voice (did I say that right?) came out to sing "The Star-Spangled Banner." Apparently, it was Morgan from season nine and she did a fantastic job - beautiful voice!

Finally, Blake took the stage and rocked out. He has such a fun personality and was entertaining to watch.

We didn't stay for his whole performance since we had to drive home and wanted to miss traffic. It also started to rain so we headed back to the house and got home sometime after midnight. 

It was a long day, but worth it! One thing that impressed me is that all of the artists sounded great. Sometimes you don't have the same experience with other genres of music. 

And I'm still bummed that I didn't have a football on hand to run in the end zone. 

Onto the stranger danger part....

While J and I were dining in Auburn, I received this message from Foxie:

First, let me declare that we do not order pizza enough for her to know the delivery man, thanks in part to Whole 30.

Secondly, I have read "stranger" themed books to E with the hope that she will pick up on stranger danger. Clearly, this is not working. 

Parents, any advice? Keep in mind that she is three, but I would LOVE some ideas to help us convey that everyone is not our friend. Please help!

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  1. That concert sounds like so much fun! We do not go listen to live music often enough. Glad E is recovering well..maybe she just needed a little extra love from the pizza guy! haha We were out trick or treating once with friends and one of the 5 year olds saw a dog when the people opened the door and she proceeded to walk right into their house!!

  2. What, you mean you don't hug your pizza delivery man when he brings you a delicious pizza?! Haha. I wish I had some advice for you, but I don't. Both of our kids are so shy when it comes to strangers that we haven't ever had to worry about it. As a matter of fact, I probably need to talk to them about it more that we already do!

    And now you have me craving a chicken biscuit with pimento cheese and jalapeno jelly! I freaking love that place! We haven't been in a long time either!

    Glad you guys had a great time at the concert! My uncle's GF was telling us all about it last night. She said that it was great!

  3. My youngest son was at that concert! It sounded fun. As a Mom to three boys, I have no advice. They were pretty quiet around strangers too. Side story: one of my kids called pizza "pizza man". Every time it arrived at the door, we'd say "there's the pizza man". So, he thought that was the name of the food. I'm loving those tassel earrings. Thanks for linking, Adrienne!

  4. I am so jealous! I LOVE Thomas Rhett and Blake!! What an awesome night!! Love those earrings!
    oh and I have no advice for you either! Ian barely talks to other humans much less hugs them and Ella is a germ kiddo so all she would see was his germs! HA Good Luck!

  5. The stranger danger thing had me worried. I don't have much advice, but I am going to read your comments for some. The concert sounds like fun. Too funny that he fell asleep in between bands. I am getting too old for it too. Love those tassel earrings!


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