Confessions - 4.27.17 -

Who is ready for the weekend?!

These last few weeks have been tumultuous - so much so that I started keeping a "confessions" note in my phone.

I confess

... that when I fly somewhere I feel extremely skinny when the seatbelt buckles without me adjusting the belt from the person who sat there before. #itsthelittlethings

... that I had to give a presentation for our entire company at our annual meeting and was extremely nervous. About an hour after it was finished, I received an email from one of my coworkers (who I rarely get to chat with and barely know) saying what a good job I did. The two minutes he took to compose that email meant SO much to me. #goodpeoplestillexist

... that as someone who ADORES Starbucks, I could not care less about the Unicorn Frappuccino. It sounds disgusting and yet, what an awesome marketing ploy! The marketer inside me regrets not thinking of something similar. #butIaintfallingforit

... that no man should mess with a woman's parking spot. My husband was working on his car for a few days and took up the ENTIRE garage, eliminating my parking spot.  #peoplecouldattackmeifIparkoutside

... that I felt vindicated when someone tried to pull the follow/unfollow game with me on Insta and I unfollowed them. #yougetwhatyoudeserve


  1. The first one - LOL!

    The second one - you need to tell me who this was! I don't think I know!

    #3 - I know it's just a ploy, but I want one soooo bad! I just don't want all of the sugar and calories that come with it! (I mostly just want one for the IG pic... all I need is a little taste!)

    #5 - Get 'em girl!

  2. I think the same way when I fly. Great minds!!! Great job on your presentation. It helps when people recognize your hard work. I get upset when my husband takes up the garage and I have to park in the driveway as well. Don't mess with my spot either!


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