Weekending: A-Day Style

The weekend came and disappeared way too fast. Unlike the crazy weather last week, these past few days were nothing short of perfect with sunny skies and cool breezes.

I feel like I have alluded to my hectic last few weeks at work and Friday was more of the same. I stayed almost two hours late to tie up loose ends, catch up on email, prepare for the upcoming week, etc. My schedule for this week is spotty so in an effort to relieve any stress I may feel today, I kicked off my weekend at the office. I simply do not have enough hours in the day and sometimes enjoy how quiet it is when everyone is gone. For the record, I do not want more work hours in the day.

By the time I left to head home, Aunt Foo Foo was already in town! We made dinner and went to bed early in anticipation of A-Day.

What is A-Day you ask?

A-Day is the spring scrimmage game for Auburn. It's held in the stadium and is an event where you get a glimpse into what the upcoming season holds. My sister and I thought it was interesting that neither of us attended as students and it happened to work out that we could go to our first A-Day game together.

If you've never been to Auburn, it is a beautiful campus (I don't care who you cheer for, the university is gorgeous) with tons of unique boutiques and eateries around town. We made reservations at one of the restaurants my sister and I dined at last year and yall, if you are EVER near Auburn you must visit Acre.

The food is incredible and the experience is nothing but pleasant. Everything is local - they literally have gardens on site, plus the Southern cuisine is like no other. The decor is rustic, charming, and eloquent. It's a great place for your family gatherings, girls night out or date night. I'm obsessed and kind of thankful that it wasn't around when I was a student. I would have been broke(r).

I am still on a round of Whole 30 so I couldn't partake in the majority of the menu, but had the most amazing salmon salad. My sister ordered the goat cheese guacamole and claimed it was the best she's ever had (hope her husband isn't reading this)!

Following lunch we headed to the stadium for the game. Our seats fell in the shade shortly after kick off which was a nice change from our normal spot.

We stayed until halftime and decided to head back before E acted like a threenager (she was a diva that morning) and because we needed to pick up our new mattress.

It was around dinnertime when we pulled into the driveway, but we had enough time for E to attempt to dye Easter eggs.

Once again, my Instant Pot came in handy when it was time to prep the eggs.

It's been many, many years since I have participated in this tradition and some of our eggs came out a bit funky.

Sunday was equally busy as we headed to church and then stopped at the pediatric urgent care to have a strep test done. E was not herself this weekend and with her procedure scheduled for the end of the week, I wanted to confirm that she was okay/discuss options with the doctor if it was positive. For the first time in a long time, we received a negative result. Good news! I honestly question the validity of it though as she displayed (and still is) her symptoms before strep usually rears its ugly head. Since she has the T&A in a few days, the NP ordered a throat culture. Hopefully that will be clear and we can head into this final chapter of strep drama. Bravo would have had a winning series with us.

Our Sunday School class had a family picnic scheduled for that afternoon so we picked up Chipotle and headed to the park for some fellowship and food. The rest of the afternoon was spent napping, saying bye to Aunt Foo Foo, and laundry. The laundry never flipping ends.

One of the highlights from Saturday was receiving a few customized memes from my DJ. We took a couple of pictures in front of the house prior to our Auburn outing and I posted a couple on social media. A few hours later, I received these gems:

These seriously made my day. I laughed so hard when the texts came through.

I'm obsessed with our fur babies and now Miss Friski has made her meme debut.

This week will be a chaotic one for sure so my posts may be sporadic.

On a sunnier note, Easter has become one of my favorite holidays as an adult and with Holy Week upon us, I hope everyone has time to remember how much God loves you.  Trust me, it's something I will be clinging to as my imperfect, hot-mess self will be running around like a wild woman these next few days.

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  1. YES! to Spring football and funky eggs!!! Here's to the week ahead beautiful!!

  2. Looks like such a great weekend! I haven't dyed eggs in forever! I used to love doing it though! Have a great week.

  3. Love the Auburn everything!! Southern football is still so foreign to me but I find it fascinating to read about. We are doing eggs (and Peep Houses!) this week :)

  4. Looks like an awesome weekend, but we yell "Go Dawgs" around here!! HA
    We need to dye Easter Eggs this week! Thanks for linking up with us!!

  5. Goat cheese guac?!?! I'm sold! Those memes I literally laughed out loud! So funny!

  6. Your eggs look so great!! And OMG to another strep scare. Lawd have mercy! I'm so glad it was negative for once. Y'all need a flipping break!

  7. A-Day sounds super fun. And that restaurant looks so neat!


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