True Life: I Married My Prom Date

If you want to feel old, simply decide to post about your prom.

When I first thought about digging into the archives, I had my doubts that I would be able to find any fun photos to share. Low and behold, look what was hiding in our guest room... 

It's a good thing today's post will only cover prom and none of the other events I shoved into this album senior year. And why do I leave this around for our guests to enjoy?!?

I graduated from a private school in Atlanta. While I was absolutely prepared for college academia, there were a MILLION stories I could tell that were truly puzzling about how the school handled certain situations. One of the stranger decisions that was made happened my senior year when it was decided that prom would be held at the school and not off campus. They also removed one of the greatest prom traditions, the crowning of a prom queen and king. Naturally I incorporated a crown into my attire. 

I remember my sister (who happened to be a freshman at a different school and was attending their prom) and I came home with the same dress from Cache. For whatever reason, my mom and I went back to the mall and returned my dress for another one. I can't remember why, but I think her dress (my initial choice) was much prettier than the one I ended up wearing, although it was still pretty. 

I started dating J in February that year and asked him to take me to prom. Since I have high standards for myself, I expected to be treated like a princess - meaning, he was financially responsible for buying dinner and the limo. Ya'll, my boyfriend of three months (who was in school at the time) worked in his grandmother's yard doing fun things like cutting down trees to escort me to my prom. His labor of love actually caused an allergic reaction and his throat started to close. Oddly enough, he hasn't had allergies since. 

Our group of friends rented a Navigator limo and headed downtown. We had the best group - it was my closest BFFs and our boyfriends or best guy friends who we hung out with. And yes, I am still friends with these two today. 

Reservations were made for the Sun Dial Restaurant atop the Westin Peachtree Plaza. It is an upscale, revolving restaurant 723 feet up high that gives you a 360-degree panorama of the skyline. For high schoolers, we went all out. I wasn't hungry for dinner so I literally only ordered a side of mashed potatoes. #cheapdate

Following dinner we headed to the school for prom where we had to line up for introductions. Our group become rather bored with the dance and stayed less than an hour before heading to our friend's house for the after party. J and I did get a chance to dance to K-Ci & JoJo's All My Life before leaving. Back at our friend's house, gowns were ditched for bathing suits and drinks were poured in the hot tub. 

We also counted who had the most bobby pins in their hair. 

In full honesty, prom was just whatever for me. I think if it had been held off school property it probably would have been a more enjoyable experience. 

The best thing about prom was the fact that I married my prom date. It's mindblowing to think that the boy who had to take a Benadryl just to take his girlfriend to her prom would end up marrying her. If you want to know more about J and I, check out A Very Valentine's Day Love Story.

It's also crazy how well my scanner worked for this post. This could be very dangerous.

Did anyone else marry their prom date? Have a weird school like mine? I can't be the only one who was just "whelmed" with all things prom related. 

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  1. I love that you married your prom date!!!! My husband and I only dated three years before our wedding so we definitely didn't have too many fun throwback pictures of us as a couple to share at the rehearsal. Jealous!

    1. It's a good thing, but we definitely know how to push each other's buttons now!

  2. My high school also held the prom at the school... mostly because it is a small town with exceptionally limited options so it was either the school or make everyone drive 40 miles to Huntsville (which was out of our budget). The good news is that with few other places to go most people stayed for a few hours before heading off to find other things to do.

  3. This is awesome! I did no marry my prom date but I am still friends with him to this day. I went to both jr. and sr. prom with the same person too. I should dig those photos out....

  4. Haha - "the boy who had to take a Benadryl just to take his girlfriend to her prom would end up marrying her" - true love!!

  5. OMG I LOVED seeing these old pics of you and J! I swear you haven't aged a bit!! And twinning yet again, because the one song I remember dancing to at my prom was All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo!!!! It was the one song that I wanted them to play and they did. It's a total classic and I still love it to this day. Matter of fact, I might just have to listen to it now...

  6. I love that you married your prom date. I married my prom date's best friend! Ha!

    Also I love that he did all that yard work and pushed through the allergies to take you to prom! Our school had both senior and junior prom at a catering place, but the year after I graduated the students voted to have junior prom at the school so that they could have the senior prom at a SUPER fancy hotel in Philadelphia! I kind of wish I had been able to go to that!

  7. That's so awesome that you married your prom date! I kind of felt the same way about prom. It was fun, but not the most amazing day ever like it was made out to be!

  8. I married my 9th grade formal date (and all the proms) :) We've got some crazy throw back pictures that I always love looking through old pictures of high school with us before life got crazy!

    1. That is FUN! I'm glad I'm not the only one. How long did you date until tying the knot?

  9. What a great story. I love high school sweetheart stories. Love seeing your old prom photos too.

  10. Aaaw! Sweet story. I didn't think that prom was a big deal, either. A girl and her boyfriend were suddenly crowned Prom King and Queen - the weird thing was that many of us had never been asked to vote! There was also this teacher who said that music would have to be "appropriate" because she was bringing her 10-year-old daughter. She was a strange woman who seemed to have no life outside of her job at school.


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