Whole 30: Round Five Results

Another round has come and gone on my Whole 30 journey.

While each round presents a new list of challenges and achievements, this one was particularly testing. During these thirty days, I was faced with a trip to Auburn for A-Day, tornadoes, a less than twenty-four hour work trip to Chicago, and my daughter's T&A surgery complete with a slumber party in the hospital for the night. Needless to say, it would have been very easy to fall off the wagon. 

But I didn't. 

I'm not sure how or why I didn't, but I somehow managed to remain strong. The biggest challenge was traveling out of town for work. Thankfully, my coworker was understanding and I was able to chow down on fruit and nuts as needed. I'm just glad it was a short trip!

Let's discuss what everyone wants to know...the results. 

For this round I did something different. I purchased a body composition scale prior to starting (our old scale was having issues) and decided to take before and after measurements using my new toy. Please note, that I am not obsessed with the scale so not weighing myself during the round was very easy for me. Also note, that I had been working out for a few months, but due to the craziness of my schedule I couldn't go to the gym for the last two weeks of this round. 

The Balance High Accuracy Body Fat Scale measures six metrics such as weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, hydration, and bone density. You can set up an individual profile with your gender and height to assist the scale with its computations. 

After round five of Whole 30 my stats changed as follows:
  • Weight: -9 lbs. 
  • BMI: -1.6%
  • Body Fat: +7.4% 
  • Muscle: -8.9%
  • Water: -7.7%
  • Bone Density: No change

  • No post-lunch fog
  • Clearer skin (although I did break out near the end)
  • Better sleep, BUT I did start taking my sleeping aid again (due to the added stress near the end)
  • More energy

Initially, I was very happy because I lost 9 lbs. I also decreased my BMI, which I thought was good. However, out of the 9 lbs. lost it appears that 8.9 of that number was muscle that disappeared and that is disheartening. Equally disgusting was the increase in body fat. Sigh.

I know that I wasn't able to maintain my workout schedule and that will be changing starting this week - assuming things calm down in the planner. I wasn't as concerned about the water since that will increase again and was relieved that bone density showed no change. 

What now?

The plan moving forward is to keep to Whole 30 during the week and as much as possible on the weekend until vacation. I may jump on the scale before vacation to see how I'm adjusting. Following vacation, I will probably attempt another round to see how my body composition is using the same metrics. 

My clothes are looser and I noticed a difference so I absolutely do not think this last round was a bust. I do wish that I had used the same metrics in my previous rounds. 

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If you're interested in trying this, I highly suggest reading It Starts With Food, The founder of Whole 30 talks about all the nitty gritty details behind this plan and why clean eating is ideal for your health. 

For all you Whole 30ers, I'm curious - has anyone else had strange results like this? It really makes me regret not measuring these different aspects sooner. 

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  1. I still can't believe that you lost 9 pounds!!!! That is amazing!! And I also can't believe that you're thinking of doing yet another round!! I don't know how you do it. I really don't. Giving up all sweets AND wine for that long just stresses me out even thinking about it!

  2. I love seeing the change in numbers. 9 pounds is great, but I totally understand being upset by the fact that a lot of it was muscle. That would break my heart too. YOu are very inspiring going through this.


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