Favorites on a Friday: Valentine's Day

On the way to work this morning I realized that the weekend was almost here! For whatever reason, this week FLEW by for me and I am so glad it did. Bring on the weekend!

But first, let me share my favorites from this last week, which are all centered around February 14th (a.k.a. Valentine's Day, Single Awareness Day, a Hallmark holiday, Valentine's Schmalentines - did I forget anything?).

Toddler Valentines

If you follow me on Instagram you may have caught my moment of triumph when I assembled E's valentines for her party at school.
Y'all, I was (still am) SO proud of her Where the Wild Things Are themed valentines. I designed the card after one of her favorite books and paired it with a fun, "wild" mask. I was contemplating how to attached the card and mask when I stumbled upon bright, colored clips from Dollar Tree. Total win.

For school parties, I try and take a different route for favors as opposed to giving out candy (no judgement here - we love all the candy she receives). What I am most proud about though is that fact that this was not inspired by Pinterest! Ha. Like what you see? I've created a blank printable for you to use! My only request is that if you use it and share it, please link back to this post.

And how cute is the mailbox E made at school?!

Teacher Gifts

Last week I linked up with Lindsay for some Girl Talk. It was at this very moment I realized I did not get the teachers anything for this Hallmark holiday. I cannot fathom how these ladies handle a classroom full of three year olds on a daily basis so giving them something (no matter how small) is important to me.

I stopped by Dollar Tree and picked up the glittery boxes, chap-stick, a glam compact mirror and added M&Ms and breath mints to the gift. To my shock, E had no trouble giving the gifts to her teachers. It's important to teach our babies to share - especially when they are an only child and may have cried the night before in anticipation of the school party that was for all her school buddies and not just her.

Work Out Clothes

The other day I recalled the time I told J to forgo a present this year as my newly purchased workout clothes from Old Navy would be just fine with me. There were a few shirts on sale that I added to my collection, but my favorite item was this graphic tank:


For whatever reason, E loves biscuits. In fact, any type of bread item is known as a biscuit in her mind whether it is an actual biscuit, hamburger bun, cornbread, etc. Being the fabulous daddy that J is, he got her a can of biscuits for Valentine's Day. She didn't quite understand, but will appreciate it more when Saturday rolls around and she gets to help make them.

The Missing Valentine

On Tuesday morning my husband called me at work to check in and to proclaim his undying love for me say, "Happy Valentine's Day!" He then proceeded to ask about why I didn't mention my presents. I told him that I didn't see anything for me, just the card and can of biscuits for E. J was amazed that I somehow missed the flowers and card he left for me on the dining room table. He assumed I would see them since I walk through the dining room on the way to the kitchen. I told him that no, I never saw anything, when it clicked....I don't turn on the lights UNTIL I get to the kitchen. Because we get up so early, it's quite dark in the morning. My coworkers who were in earshot of this conversation were cracking up, but it lead to a few questions about why I walk around the house in the dark.

Beware, I am about to air out some of my crazy.

While I don't get ready in the dark, I use the light on my phone when going room to room. Why? Because I am paranoid that strangers could be watching me from the street and know my routine.

Yes, I am serious.

And yes, I realize that if someone REALLY wanted to they could determine where I am in the house. However, you better believe I am going to make it as hard as I can for them to guess.

Back to my story - when I arrived home that afternoon I found the flowers exactly as pictured below.

Can you see that large puddle of water that dripped onto the chair and down to the floor? In my defense, they could have been like that in the morning and I REALLY wouldn't have noticed them then. E and I cleaned up, refilled the vase, and I opened my card to find a surprise. This man knows me so well.

Starbucks is my love language, as is doing the dishes.

Last night during the chaos known as bedtime I heard a loud crash. J was with E so I ran downstairs and discovered two guilty cats and shattered glass all over our kitchen floor. Can you guess what the glass was from? Yup, the vase (or what was left of it), water and roses were all on the floor. Sigh.

There you have it. Those are my favorites on this Friday - it was a good week!

I would love to hear other humorous stories or if you want to share your crazy, please feel free to do so! No judgement here.

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  1. Love those little Valentines! So cute! Happy weekend! xo

  2. So cute that he left flowers and Starbucks! I walk through my house in the morning using my phone light as well. I just do it to keep it quiet and not disturb my girls. But I do fear someone watching and knowing my routine and when we leave. So scary. Have a great weekend!

  3. Air the crazy, girl. Air the crazy! I'm right there with you, you know! And I am cracking up that J got E some biscuits for VDay. That is hilarious and also so stinking sweet all at the same time!

  4. I love the Valentines you came up with!! So creative!! One of my employees showed me the Valentines day boxes her mom made for her kindergarteners and all I could think was "things sure have changed since I was a kid!" LOL

  5. I LOVE the Where The Wild Things Are Valentines! So adorable!!


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