Sometimes it kills me when I write a post recapping the weekend.


Because that means the weekend is over and it's Monday. Boo hiss.

Anyone read the Favorites On A Friday from last week? I failed to mention all the unfavorite things that began before the weekend. Lucky for you, it provides great content for a bahumbug Monday post, haha.

Last Thursday I left for my lunch break to head home and pack for our weekend getaway. After a couple of minutes into my drive, my car went crazy. It started vibrating, sputtering, and had trouble accelerating up a small hill. All I could think about was the time we had transmission issues with my old car thus, panic filled my entire body. I headed to Advanced Auto Parts and asked for a test to be ran on my car. The employee printed the report (apparently cylinder three was having an issue - sounds like German to me) and I headed to a local body shop with the hope of a cheap and quick fix. Expedited service was my concern as I was leaving work early on Friday to go out of town. The body shop was very busy, but I left my car and focused on that night's activities - the Dierks Bentley concert! 

Friday morning rolled around and I did some quick packing before heading off to work. J dropped me off at the office and headed to the doctor to take E for a quick strep throat test. About an hour later he called and informed me that it was positive. <insert bad word here> This is the fourth time in four months that this sickness has reared it's ugly head. At this rate, we will be back at the ENT's office soon.

About an hour later, J called me with good and bad news. The good news? The problem that put my car in the shop was fixed. The bad news? The staff came into work that morning and noticed one of my front tires was flat. Of course it was! We were going out of town that afternoon.... The body shop told J they would see if it could be plugged and give him a call back.

A few hours later, J called back with even better news - I not only needed to replace the flat tire, but also the OTHER front tire.

Say what?! Side Note: my car is lowered and I ride on 19'' rims - tires this size usually need to be ordered and take a few days to come in. 

The shop said their contact didn't have any in stock, which didn't surprise me because #thisismylife. Thankfully, J called around and one store had two tires arriving from their warehouse that afternoon. All we needed to do was pick up the tires and take them to the body shop.

When we dropped off the goods, the mechanic working on the car stated that I would not have made it to Atlanta with my previous wheels. As annoying as the ordeal was, I  am so thankful that God caused a little issue (seriously, it was only around $100) to bring attention to a potential serious situation.  Furthermore, only E and I were heading out of town. I cannot imagine what would have happened if I had been stranded with her on the highway or worse, if we had been involved in an accident. He's always on the lookout, even if it cost me two new tires - another glorious perk of adulting.

With our new shoes on, we were off to hang out with my sister and BIL. E and I met them for dinner and headed back to see their new house. Once E calmed down from the excitement of the day, bedtime began. This was her first time sleeping in a big girl bed! And moms, here's a tip: instead of purchasing bed rails just buy some pool noodles, put them under the mattress pad on either side and voila! You have barriers to keep the munchkin from rolling out! I had never heard of this, but my sister's SIL told her about it.

On Saturday we met up with my mother and all of us headed downtown to the Georgia Aquarium. It was only appropriate to wear fishtail braids on our adventure.

One of the best things about being a parent is watching things through your child's eyes. It was incredible seeing E experience everything for the first time. I even learned a little bit as well. Did you know an otter must consume 25% of their weight on a daily basis? I need that kind of metabolism!

By the time we finished, we were all starving and headed to a nearby BBQ restaurant. The food was delicious and the decor even better. I felt like such a hipster.

We finished lunch and were greeted by a parade. Man, I miss Atlanta!

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with my family and ordering bedding for E's big girl room. #bestillmyheart

We headed back home on Sunday and it was uneventful, thank goodness!

Here's to hoping for a much calmer week than last. I had a neighbor ask if I would be interested in a marketing consultant opportunity for her small business, which sounds really intriguing. I hope to connect with her in a couple of days. Other than that, not much else should be happening these next few days.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and zero car issues!

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend after the car drama for sorted out! My fingers are crossed for you that you will have no car issues this week.

    Sometimes weekend recap are the worse to write because yes you're right the weekend is over! I need an extra day! Monday came too quick!

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun at the aquarium. Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  3. A big girl room?! Oh my goodness, I don't even want to think about it! It makes me so sad.

    And seriously, your car woes. How many times could it possibly need to go to the shop? Lol. You're on a roll!

  4. Sounds like such a good weekend...aside from the car issues. Geez, I'm sorry!
    I love aquariums, they are so fun!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily


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