Tutus & Foo Foos - The Purrrrfect Party

Happy Tuesday everyone! We are one day closer to the weekend!

Before we jump into today's post, I have a confession to make....

I have never blogged about my child's birthday parties. 

Like ever. 

I am aware that this may make me the absolute worst Pinterest mom in the history of motherhood and I can live with that. But to make myself feel better, I am sharing one of my favorite parties with you today!

Here's a fun fact for you new (or loyal) followers: I could be considered a crazy cat lady. Wait! Don't stop reading! I promise, it's not as bad as it sounds.

We have two fur babies, Miss Friski & Fendi Foo, who are the best kitten mittens known to man - at least one of them is. 

Fendi Foo, J, & Miss Friski
Miss Friski is the most obedient pet, EVER. If you don't like cats, I promise that she will change your mind - it has happened on several occasions. She's just that magical. 

Fendi Foo on the other hand can be cranky, howl throughout the night, and has her own dermatologist at Auburn University. She's definitely our more expensive child. 

E was born into this furry household so naturally her obsession with the four legged creatures doesn't fall far from the tree. It was only fitting that for her second birthday party we would have a theme to capture two of her favorite things: tutus and foo foos! P.S. We call call all cats foo foos if you didn't pick up on that. 

For this party, we only invited our families over to our house for a couple of hours of food and family time. However, the small crowd did not stop me from keeping with the theme. 

The most delicious spinach dip serviced with veggies.

Veggie Straws

A nugget tray from Chick-Fil-A


Sweet Tea

As much as I would have loved to make decor for the party, the food labels were about all I could handle. For mommas like me, there's a little store on the internet that I frequent quite often. Have you met my favorite party planner named Etsy? She assisted with the decor for this event. 

A custom banner from Fitch Craft Creations

Custom high chair skirting from Timelessly Enchanted

Custom cupcake toppers also from Fitch Craft Creations

Teal and purple were chosen for the color scheme and I am so glad everything I ordered arrived on time and as described. Sometimes it can be tricky ordering a custom product. A local bakery matched the decor purrrfectly. See what I did there?! 

And, of course we added a candle for the birthday girl. 

Although it was a tiny gathering, I couldn't have been more pleased to see my ideas come to life. A certain little birthday munchkin was equally thrilled with the cats and her sparkly, tutu birthday dress. Receiving presents wasn't so bad either. 

If you have a link for any of your favorite parties to share, please comment with it below! I love seeing how creative and original birthdays have become over the years. What would we ever do without Pinterest? 

Probably stress less. 

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  1. I need to start thinking about my toddler's birthday party. I am really excited to plan something. This will be her first birthday with us since the adoption!

    1. Adoption? How exciting! I'm also adopted. :) How old is she?

  2. This is such a cute theme. We just celebrated my son's 4th birthday with a Wonka theme. Now we're getting ready for my daughter's first birthday!

    1. Thanks! A Wonka theme sounds so adorable! Share pics!

  3. This is so cute! My toddler loves kitties! I'm working on getting ready for my 8 year old's birthday next week!

  4. OMG, I've never seen these pictures from the party! It was so stinking cute! Definitely Pinterest-worthy... especially for all of the fellow crazy cat ladies out there. I'm pinning this now!

  5. Very cute party! I love that Tutu around the high chair. Etsy really is the best party planner. Happy Belated 2nd birthday to your foo-foo.

    1. That tutu was very cute, but extremely sparkly. There was glitter EVERYWHERE!

  6. This is pretty amazing, throwing a party for your cats! It's inspiring to throw one for my dogs. Haha!


  7. Stopping by from Tuesday Talk! XOXO That's such a cute theme!

  8. Such cute ideas! I'm always counting down to my kids bdays! I love party planning.

    1. I do too, but always feel that I am scrambling around at the last minute. This one was planned a little bit more in advance.

  9. The hairballs made me lol! What a cute idea!!

    1. I agree! Those hairballs were hysterical!

    2. That was one of my favorite parts! And of course, one of the best tasting items. :)

  10. So cute! Stopping by from the Andrea's link up!
    I blogged my favorite parties here:


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