I Want A Baby!

It is a BEAUTIFUL Thursday! Why? Because I woke up to thunder, lightning, hail and RAIN!!!! I love thunderstorms. One of my best memories during college was sitting outside with my roomie Franny, and watching the storms. LOVED IT. Since that is no longer possible and I live in a very dry state (thank you USAF) I get very excited when it storms. I think storms can be so peaceful. It's great to sit outside and think and lay in bed and just listen to the weather.

I can't promise that I am going to update this thing weekly or even monthly. Just a place for me to randomly think.....and talk about ME. Okay not really. I will update with some recipes or something. Maybe.

I want a baby. A furry baby. A Bengal cat baby. Ever since my friend cat sat these Bengal cats, I have fallen in love. These animals are so beautiful and their vivid markings are ridiculous. The detail and beauty that God puts into animals amazes me. So complex and here I am getting to enjoy it. :) So I have been emailing a few breeders since March and 2 baby girl kittens are available!

And there they are. Beautiful little babies. I can't decide between the two or even if I want either of them. I really like the breeder. But, I think I may hold out on one that looks more like this:
I really like the leopard looking ones. Who knows. If Justin and I do go through with this we will have 3 cats. At 26, I have become the crazy cat lady. However, this maybe the only time where we will be able to do this as we hope to grow our (human) family in the next few years. I just really don't want my house to smell like cats. Yuck. Maybe I really want a human baby and this is my way of coping????

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