Weekly Challenge

Since I am a stay at home wife and have more time on my hands than most, I am going to have my menus planned a week at a time with recipes from the cookbook of that week.  I will give you my thoughts on the recipes and if they are lucky enough to end up in my recipe box. :) At least 3 meals must be from the book of the week - each meal needs 1 main entree and 2 sides (a dessert can be a side).
This Week's Cookbook is drum roll please

I bought this cookbook before I started watching the show......I mean  i bought it years ago and I just now started watching the show - which I have become obsessed with. This will be a fun one to use for this week. I run my 5K this Saturday so I am trying not to heat too unhealthy and my husband typically doesn't like "healthy" foods so I can give you honest feedback. 

Check back on Thursdays/Fridays for the recipes and reviews. I'll also post the cookbook for the next week so if you have any suggestions on a cookbook for me to use, please leave a comment (you must be a follower of this blog before I can accept the challenge)! I'll even take suggestions for meals  - they don't have to be healthy ideas although those are nice for everyone who is still sticking to their New Years resolution. 

I think this will be fun and something different for me to do. I had forgotten some of these cookbooks that I even had. Please send some followers my way if you think of anyone who might enjoy this challenge!

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  1. Good Luck on Saturday! I am attempting to run a 5k in March.


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