Month 3

I went back to work in January after 10 weeks with you at home. You also started school on the same day that Auburn played for the National Championship. Unfortunately, you and I were way more successful at going back to work and starting school than Auburn was at bringing home the win, but we love our tigers regardless! I also started using the “Moms On Call” app to assist with getting us on a routine schedule. It has been very helpful and I believe it greatly aided us in being able to get out of the house. As much as I miss being home with you, I get so excited to pick you up after work! It also gives me a sense of great accomplishment when we make it out the door in the morning, like I am a super mom or something.

Sleep: This month began with a sleep regression that resulted in a 5 hour stretch at night which amounted to me getting up 1-2 times a night. Luckily that only lasted a short while and you went back to sleeping 10 hours straight around 11 weeks. Glorious! At this point we decided to (lovingly) kick you out of our room and transition you into the crib in your room. At exactly 12 weeks old, you spent the night in your Wombie in your crib. Obviously you had so much more room to move about so you were a crazy wiggle worm that first night. I stalked you through our video monitor (which I LOVE) and your father and I decided to forgo the sleep sack. I feared that you would roll over on your stomach and I could not deal with that anxiety. For the next few nights you went without a sleep sack and it was okay, but not great. At our household we like to “go big or go home!” Clearly this is evident in our parenting as we switched you out of our room, into a new crib and without any sleep sack all at once. What is wrong with us?!? Surprisingly, you only had trouble falling asleep and would wake yourself up a few times with all the movements you continued to have. I decided to order another Wombie that freed your arms and a Magic Merlin sleep suit to try. The Merlin sleep sack reminds your father of the kid on the movie “A Christmas Story.” It’s so thick and allows you to move, but muffles the movement so you are not constantly waking up. You once again started sleeping through the night. Success! There have been a few times we have put you to bed awake and you have put yourself to sleep. You typically wake up in the morning and peacefully hang out until I come and get you. Although you are still not a great napper, you are doing much better. This past month we have gotten better about reading your tired cues. In addition to actually yawning, your eyes get a bit red and you will continually rub them when it’s bedtime.

Clothes and Diapers: You are in 3 month clothing and typically wear onesies to school. I have also discovered that it was a successful day if I pick you up from school in the same outfit you were dropped off in! You are a size 1 in the diaper world, but will be moving to size 2 soon. We began putting you in size 2 overnight diapers (they do not make them in a smaller size) when you go to bed or when we head on a longer car ride out of town. So far there have been zero leaks, but I’m sure something crazy will happen since I put that in writing. You wear Target brand diapers during the day and Pampers Dry at nighttime. We primarily use organic wipes from Earth’s Best or the Honest Company. I swear it helps keep diaper rash away!

Bath: Good news – we still bathe you! And it is still a family event with you, the two of us and the foos. Twice a week we attempt the craziness that is bath time. I seriously need to Google easy ways to bathe a baby. Bath time makes your parents want to drink.

Medical: We haven’t had any more blood issues so the GI specialist was not too concerned. Between you, myself and my medical degree from Google, I really think you are anti-most dairy. I still eat some, but have cut out a tremendous amount.

Food: You are still EBF. I try and nurse you in the morning before work and in the evening before bed. Sometimes we will give you a bottle before bed depending on the time. You currently take 3.5 oz per bottle and will eat anywhere from 3-4 bottles when you are at school.
Stats: You weigh 13 lbs and are 23.5 inches long. Your head is 39 cm. You had a big head when you came into this world. Yup.

Development/Mannerisms: Your fists are unclenched! You have now discovered your hands and love to chew on them and stick them in your mouth. The drooling has begun and you blow bubbles all the time. Such a pleasure you are to be around because you smile A LOT. You are a happy girl and we love to see that big gummy smile! Like mother, you love to stare at yourself in the mirror on your swing – you make yourself smile and are so happy to see yourself - so sweet and vain at the same time. J My favorite new development has been conversing with you. I will sit in front of you to talk to you and you get so excited and “baby talk” back. I always talk to you about school and explain what I am doing (making dinner, cleaning/prepping bottles, etc). I love it.

Mommy Milk
Playing on the play mat

Dirty Diapers
Diaper Changes

All About Mom:
- Joined a gym. I have no idea when I have time to even attempt to work out, but it’s there when I can.
- Went back to work.

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