Month Seven

Still running behind on the blog.....Thank goodness for notes on my iPhone!

Sleep: You have been adjusting to a new schedule. Early start times for mom's job means an earlier bed and wake time for you. You are typically a good sleeper and if you wake during the night it is only once. If nap was a class at school, you would get a failing grade. You will nap decently at home, but we have to work for it.

Clothes and Diapers, etc: You are officially in size 6-9 clothing and size 3 diapers.

Bath: Since you are sitting up fairly well on your own we have removed your baby bath from the bath tub. It makes it somewhat easier on us, but still freaks me out.

Medical: You started off this month with a nasty cold and cough. The doctor gave you cough syrup which caused a lovely rash. Luckily, that disappeared quickly. I tried to clip your nails (we can add that to the list of things I hate) and I may have accidentally clipped your skin. You bled! You cried and I may have cried. I can't remember....Thankfully it only bothered you for a little bit and you were back to your playful self.

Food: You are still EBF. I nurse you in the morning before work and in the evening before bed. Since we started incorporating solid foods into your meals we have cut back on the number of bottles a day. You get two 6 oz bottles at school and about 4 oz of solids. We also moved to size 3 nipples for your bottles. I puree food for you on the weekends and freeze it in ice cube trays. It makes it so much easier to grab and pack it. We have added butternut squash and apple. You tried carrots, but were not a huge fan.
Stats: I have no stats for this month.

Development/Mannerisms: You are still right on the verge of crawling, but have become a master roller. You will move all around a room simply by rolling. You will get on all fours and rock back and forth. Crawling is SO close!

Appearance: Your hair is still a light brown color with a redish tint. Your eyes are still a gorgeous blue and you have better lashes than I do. Your toe and finger nails are sharp and out of control.

Perry (Auntie Perry kept you for a few hours so I could attend a baby shower - you loved hanging with her and her girlies)
Morning Time


All About Mom:
- Still enjoying the new job and staying very busy!

- I had two cysts on my chest removed. They have left some annoying scars, but prayerfully the test results were clear.

- Confession: No idea.

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