Peace Out Texas........

Nope we are NOT pregnant. We are moving back home! 
 We have been praying, stressing, and wondering about what to do when Justin's enlistment is up in August of 2011. For the past few months we have come up with many different ideas for us and how they were going to play out. Then God gave us a nice PUSH forward and things started to move VERY quickly. 

Justin decided he wanted to go into the reserves and move us back to Georgia. I imagined him completing the paperwork and us selling our house after the first of the year. Instead, his paperwork was approved and a spot for him opened up at Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta, GA. We did not need the 6 month window they gave us. BAM! It happened.

Well what about our house? How stupid were yall to buy a house when you were leaving only a few years later?  Aghhh. Our biggest stress case. Who knew we would purchase a home and the real estate market would fall a few months later? After praying and receiving many prayers from our family and friends, we listed the house. Fast forward to 39 days later and we had an offer (only the 2nd person to look at the house). An AMAZING offer. This offer also included us RENTING our house until the end of December. We didn't have to move into an apartment. We could stay in our home for the remainder of our time in Abilene. God answers prayers. 

The hardest part out of all of this is leaving my job - mainly my coworkers. We have a small office and the three of us are very close and make up a fabulous team. This week I turned in my resignation. Although I am super excited to be moving back home, I am terribly sad to be leaving work. Hopefully, they will get a great coworker, but someone who is not as awesome as I am! :)

The Bentley family will be back in the wonderful state of Georgia around December 16th - that's only 2 months away! And 4 days before my birthday cough cough. Even though Justin has his reserve spot at Dobbins he will still need a full time job. He has a job lined up until he gets a job for his career. Please pray that the perfect job will come along for him. Applications have been filled out for jobs at different USAF bases, but those can take a while to hear back from. Until we know where we will permanently end up, we will be staying with my parents. I am SO excited. No, I am surprisingly not being sarcastic. I cannot wait. We may not wind up in Georgia, but we will most likely be in the South East. 

Please keep us in your prayers as all this goes on. For those that know me, you are well aware of the fact that I am extremely anxious and will freak out in stressful times. I have been almost completely calm about these new plans - maybe because it's what we are supposed to be doing at this point in time. 

See y'all in December!!!!!!!!

PEACE UP. A TOWN DOWN. Yeah I couldn't resist.

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