Emergency Surgery

For those of you who follow Bentley Like the Car, you are probably friends with me on facebook. In that case, I apologize for blowing up your news feed this past weekend with hospital updates. If you have no idea what I am talking about, here is a recap:

Last Thursday afternoon J complained of stomach pains. Coming from a manly man - okay I couldn't resist - but seriously, coming from someone who hardly gets sick and is almost immune to pain it was troublesome. After a visit to a walk in clinic he was sent back to his hotel room (J was about 2 hours away from me on his yearly 2 week tour for the USAF). The pain did not ease and he began to vomit forcing him to make the decision to visit the ER. Needless to say, I did not get any sleep that night and drove into ATL early Friday morning as they had decided to remove his gallbladder. Yup surgery - a very ROUTINE surgery, but still surgery.

His surgery went perfect and I was actually a big girl during the whole thing. I tend to get very worked up over things (can you say anxiety much?), but I was surprisingly calm during the whole ordeal. The hardest part was walking him from pre op to go into surgery. I hope this is the only time we ever have to do that. I'll spare you with the details the doctor used describing his gallbladder, but it was VERY infected aside from having gallstones in it.

J is healing and beginning to eat a little bit of solid food. I have a couple of praises I would like to sing. The first being the Kenestone Hospital in Marietta, GA. I'm not going to say I enjoyed myself, but the staff was awesome. I would also like to sing praises to the military at Dobbins Air Force Base. We were visited by quite a few military members during J's stay. All I could think about was how fortunate someone would be if they were in GA all alone and had no family. They exemplified what the USAF family should act like in case of a medical emergency - granted there are much larger emergencies than what we went through. I was so impressed and grateful for their support and how they handled everything.

Updates will be coming soon.....

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