"Get Out of My Head"

Even though I began posting some recipe related blogs entries this week, I still felt the need to give a few updates regarding my lack of blogging. There is no reason I have been a slacker except for the fact that life just gets busy.

Now where have I been for the last few months?

I think my last update was about J having surgery.

Around that time I went to the Britney concert in ATL. I have yet to post pictures - an obvious sign that I have been busy!

I joined a Beth Moore Bible Study - and have slacked off the past two weeks with the "homework." That changed this week.

J is playing softball again, which takes up 2 nights during the week.
We have decided to build a house. Yup. I believe it was this time last year I was probably complaining about the housing process. Apparently we really want to test how strong our marriage is and try this "semi custom" home building process. We haven't even written a contract yet, but will hopefully start that in the next few weeks.

My knee remains jacked up - weak muscles cause the knee cap to pull away from the knee (at least I think that is how it was explained to me). I am still working out though. It's a battle to get in a workout 5 days a week during football season, but so far it has been okay. I went to physical therapy and have hired a PT to aid in strengthening my muscles, which in return will heal my knee.

Football season has started. J and I are football season ticket holders for the best school in the world, Auburn University. I swear, there is almost nothing that gives me such a feeling of excitement and pride as driving around Auburn, Alabama. I am obsessed. Win or lose, football season or not, I always get butterflies in my stomach when I am there. Even though it is about an hour from where we live, it stresses me out to be gone over the weekends for the games. Traveling will wear you out regardless of how short a trip it is - that and the heart attack the games give me - Utah State anyone? Whew.

On that note, I am not sure why people are expecting a championship team to play. We lost so many players to graduation and the NFL draft. Even though it will be doubtful that we play for the SEC championship title, don't ever count Auburn out. This may be a rebuilding year, but we will be back. And I am still a fan regardless.

I went to my first NASCAR race and it was cancelled due to rain.

I am trying to find a book club to join. I love reading. There is one available for 30-40 year olds, but I am almost nervous that I may not have the same interest since I am still in my twenties and kid-less. I would hate to join and not love it. With this being said I have toyed with the idea to start my own book club. I'm not even sure what you do at a book club. Mine would be something like a monthly meeting at a restaurant with wine and light discussion. It would be okay if you couldn't finish the book - we wouldn't kick you out. Thoughts?

So I hope you enjoyed the last few minutes of being inside my head.

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  1. Dear Adrienne - If you ae considering reading look at a nook or some type of e-reader. I have always been a die-hard book reader until I was given a iPad for my birthday. At least with Barnes & Noble up to 5 people can share the same account and read the same book on their "readers". Great value 1. You always have the book for later reference
    2. Your book costs are lower on the reader
    3. Five of you can share the cost of that particular book
    4. The volume of ebooks has significantly risen than it once was and you can easily get current novels or free classics from B&N.
    5. When you close up the reader/iPad you don't need a bookmark it automatically opens where you left off.
    6. If there is a word you don't understand you can look it up (with a WiFi connection) immediately. I used to always skipped the words I didn't know in the past. I found that it meant more to me to understand the author's intent with that word.
    7. You can highlight passages and words that you can reference to later and talk with others about.
    8. Some e-readers are backlit that you can take them to a bed with you and let your partner sleep. Some need ambient light so be careful.


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