Reindeer Food

Reindeer Food
6 C Chex Cereal
1/3 C Crushed Peppermint
1 bag Nestle Tollhouse White Morsels

Melt the entire bag of white morsels. This can be done by microwaving and stirring the chocolate in 30 second increments. Take half of the crushed peppermint and mix into the white chocolate. Mix the cereal and melted chocolate mixture in a big bowl. Make sure the cereal is well coated. Pour the cereal onto a sheet of aluminum foil and top with the remaining peppermint. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Store in an air tight container until ready to serve.

I am not a huge peppermint fan by any means. That being said, this is a secret recipe for crack. I swear it is that addicting. I made it for a Christmas party last weekend. It made a good amount, but if you are going to be serving a large group I would double the recipe. It is very, very easy to make and requires little effort. A great snack for the holidays.

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