Brittany's Beans

Are beans even that pretty to look at?
1 Lb. Ground Beef - browned
1 Large Can Bush's Vegetarian Style Baked Beans
16 oz. Crushed Pineapple
1 Bell Pepper - Chopped
1C Brown Sugar

Cook the ground beef and dispose of excess fat. Mix the beef with remaining ingrediants.Warm the dish throughout on medium/high heat and serve hot.

Since Independance Day is one of the biggest days people grill on I wanted to share a perfect side dish for you. For the record I am not a huge baked (or any form really) bean fan. I like a few bites here and there and that's about it. However, the pineapple gives it a fantastic flavor. Try this instead of serving beans straight out of the can. Disclaimer: by adding meat to the vegetarian style bean makes the dish no longer vegetarian friendly. :)

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