9 Weeks

Finally posting some older blog entries........

I figured I may as well start blogging before I forget everything.....

Today starts the beginning of week 9 (at least I think it does). I'm sitting here at work on my "lunch" break, but let's be REALLY honest. I haven't had a lunch break for the past 3 weeks where I actually eat lunch. Why? Because from the time I am barely awake until I pass out in the evening I feel like I could throw up. I literally feel sick the entire time I am awake. It is very aggravating and yet I am 110% thankful that God has "blessed" (I'm still using that term loosely - jk) me with morning (again - another lie, more like ALL DAY) sickness. It's literally like a never ending hangover (unless your hangovers don't involve queasy tummies). After visiting with our doctor last week he prescribed an anti-nausea pill called Zofran. Apparently Zofran is for chemo patients, but is safe for pregnant women. Um what?! I am naturally paranoid and crazy so hearing this news doesn't seem like it's so safe for me to use. It does help a bit, however I am really only taking it as needed - not the every 4 hours it says to take it. I've been caffeine free, proactiv face wash free, ambien free, and deli meat free so why take the chance by taking multiple pills a day? Therefore I have only taken it when I have had to drive somewhere (like a late night out of town work meeting) where feeling so sick could be dangerous while driving.

We met with our doctor last week and heard the heartbeat and saw the very, very itty bitty tiny baby. I really don't do well with waiting. People say pregnancy flies by, but I beg to differ at this point. Every day feels the same - yucky and sick feeling. Plus, it's way too early to start shopping  or picking out a name........Heck, the majority of my CLOSE friends are not even aware of our happy news. We are not even out of the first trimester. I have so many concerns with sharing the news in case something happens. Like when is a good time to announce? Obviously the friends will know before it goes viral (thank you facebook), but when is a good time for that? Something could always happen no matter what stage of the pregnancy I'm in. Thankfully, I have been praying constantly for peace and I have been freakishly calm thus far.

I debated doing one of these things. However, it will be a great reminder of this journey and maybe refresh my memory on what to expect when Baby #2 arrives. What, did the thought of going through this a second time go through my head?

How far along: 9 weeks

Total weight gain: Oh it fluctuates.....Last week it was +.5 lb which is fine by me because I CANNOT gain a bunch of weight!!!!

Maternity clothes: No! Although I bet I will be out of my old clothes by the end of the first trimester.

Stretch marks: No

Sleep: Sleep is funny because I am sleeping without ambien! Once I try to fall asleep I pretty much pass out into a deep slumber, which is fantastic. The only times I have issues is when I feel sick and it makes me stay up a bit more. Or, when I wake up at 4 AM (as I did three days last week) and I'm up for an hour or two before going back to sleep. Regardless this has been some of the best sleep. I am sleeping 9+ hours on the weekends and around 8 or so during the week.

Best moment of this week: Hearing the heartbeat at our first doctor's appointment last week. It was kind of weird, but reassuring!

Miss anything: Working out hardcore. I'm randomly missing sushi....Like sushi would make me feel better. Ick!

Movement:  Not yet

Food cravings: Nope because eating does not sound appealing at all. Maybe sushi. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: From 5.5 weeks thus far, everything makes me feel sick although I have never actually thrown up. I've tried though. I am really slacking on protein because NO meat sounds good. And I am tired of eating granola bars and ritz crackers. Bagels were okay for like 2 weeks straight, but I don't want to eat a bagel every day.

Have you started to show yet: I am definitely looking more pudgy in that area, which I read is not uncommon if you have weak abs. Since that is my problem area, I'm not surprised.

Gender: I just want a healthy baby!

Labor signs: Gosh no

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Quiet. That's my mood. If I talk I want to puke. :) Not moody though. Just calm and silent, which I'm sure J appreciates.

Looking forward to: Telling people. Seriously. It's a hard secret to keep!

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