Month Five

Per usual I am late again with the monthly post. It's been a crazy few weeks and I rarely have any extra time to do anything that is not necessary for  daily survival. The struggle is real yall. Okay it really isn't quite as bad as I just made it seem. However, things can be chaotic making it difficult to take the time to write a blog post, but I did. Just two weeks late....

Sleep: You started off this month with a sleep regression as you were waking up twice *gasp* a night. Was it related to your shots? Teething? Who knows. It was short lived and you went to only waking once during the night. Because you starting rolling over we had to quit using the Magic Merlin suit. It was heartbreaking as that suit possesses something crazy like Harry Potter powers. In fact, we shipped it off to a dear friend and hope that they love it as well. We continued to use a Wombie sleep sack. It is a transitional sack that allows your arms to be out. In the next month or so I will order the next transitional sack from Wombie to see if that will be successful as well. Your G Daddy and Granny Fox babysat you one evening and Granny Fox was able to do the nighttime routine with you to put you to bed. She greatly enjoyed rocking you to sleep and I was so thankful you went down easily. We still put you on your back to sleep, but by the morning you are on your tummy. You do this at school too - we know you are knocked out when you lay on that belly!

Clothes and Diapers, etc: You are in 3-6 month clothing and really have no pants since they were all 0-3 months. You are still in a size 2 diaper and we will always use an overnight diaper for you at bedtime or for a longer car ride. You remain uninterested in a pacifier which is a good thing in my opinion since I hopefully will not have to break you of that habit as you get older. If given a paci you may pull it out of your mouth and play with it in your hands. You did put it back in your mouth a couple of times which is a milestone I suppose.

Bath: Bath time continues to get easier. I mentioned earlier that you and G Daddy have the same prescription shampoo. In fact the last time he was in town he stole yours and left his (on accident of course).

Medical: This time around you had a mild reaction to your shots that included a low grade fever, small knots at the site and you were fussier. I was also convinced that your chubby thighs were swelling, but we are not sure that it was actually happening. After a few days you were back to your cheery self! Teething is a long process, but one day both your dad and I noticed a little white speck at the surface of your gum (bottom right). It has since disappeared and let's be honest. Teeth absolutely frighten me when we think about nursing.

Food: You are still EBF. I try and nurse you in the morning before work and in the evening before bed. Lately you become quite distracted while nursing. You will lift your head and flash a huge grin at me. Totally cute, but you still need to eat! I increased  your bottles to 6 oz. but then your appetite decreased so you get around 5 or 5.5 oz bottles prepared and take anywhere from 2.5 oz to the entire bottle at a feeding.
Stats: You weigh 15.5 lbs and are 24.75 inches long.

Development/Mannerisms: We can hold objects in front of you and you will grab them. From there they are immediately shoved into your mouth. You have also started grabbing my hair occasionally. Sometimes you pinch me. Not to cause pain, but because you are developing! Since you are teething a bit we have brought out some teethers (one looks like a hand which is funny because you loved to chew on your own hands) from the fridge. You are extremely chatty which is so much fun! You are also getting ready to sit on your own. You will use your ab muscles to lift up and grab our hands or a toy within reach. When you are propped up on pillows you use your core to come forward and reach for us. At this age you are beginning to recognize familiar faces and will cry at strangers or people who you do not see often. You are great with females since you are around them all day at school, but are hesitant about men unless it's your daddy. The best part about this month is that you are noticing Miss Friski! You watch the foos and are definitely interested in them because foos are awesome.
Appearance: The small area on the back of your head that began to bald has begun to grow back. Woo hoo! Your hair is still a light brown color with a redish tint. At first I thought the red appeared when using different filters on Instagram, but other people have commented on it in person.  Your eyes are still a gorgeous blue and you have better lashes than I do. Your toe and finger nails are sharp and out of control.

Making noise
Trying to sit up
Your father
Chewing on anything and everything


All About Mom:
- J & I had our first date night out.....We did have a few football dates a few months ago, but this time it was a night time date where someone else put you to bed. We went on a double date with DJ and her boy to dinner and then a comedy show with Ron White.

- My hair still falls out.

- I accepted a new job this month. I am totally anxious and excited. It has great benefits and is completely in the career field of what I went to school for. The hours are earlier so I get off earlier and may be able to get to the gym during the week. J & I will be on similar schedules and the location is close to our home and near school. Hopefully it will be a fantastic fit! 

- I also had 3 cysts removed and had stitches for each one. Two were on my chest which made it difficult to nurse at times. One was on my hip and praise be to God that the lab results came back normal.

- Confession: We purchased a Nose Frida Snot Sucker. I absolutely love sucking the snot out of her nose. She gets so congested that I feel very accomplished when I clear her nasal passages. These accomplishments make me feel like superwoman haha.

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