Weekend Recap: Supper Club & A Lot of Nothing

One of the best things about this whole weekend recap series is that I can post about my weekend on a Tuesday since I was not prepared for a Monday post. #bloggerfail

It was my favorite type of weekend with a little bit of entertainment and a lot of nothing – the perfect mix!

Something I look forward to each month is our neighborhood Supper Club. It’s a kid free night where one couple hosts dinner and we all meet up after work for drinks and food. The meal is always good and the company is quite entertaining. After a draining workweek, I was ready to socialize with these lovely ladies.

We try and take a nice selfie each month, which is only complete when a great filter is applied. Ha!
The hosts had a delicious feast for us – bruschetta dip, salad, and “mystery meatloaf” cupcakes. As sketchy as it sounds, they were extremely cute and tasty. The cupcakes were complete with mashed potato “frosting”.

Dessert was rich and decadent - homemade cookie dough with M&Ms and covered with a chocolate peanut butter topping. So, so good. The hostess with the mostess was inspired by Pinterest and I can safely say #pinterestforthewin

The night was filled with chit chat, UFC fights and we ended the night playing Cards of Humanity, which was absolutely hilarious. I swear, I have not laughed that hard in a long time. It was a fantastic stress reliever and since I collected the most cards before J declared it time to go, I won. Hate the player, not the game.

Saturday seriously consisted of nothing. We bummed around the house and I was able to catch up on one of my new favorite shows, Blacklist. Does anyone watch it? I am obsessed with it. I’m attempting to catch up on season three before season four premieres in the fall. Give me some Reddington, Tom and Dembe any day!

Don’t judge my bare, wire showing mantle please. We recently refreshed our living room look and that area is a work in progress.

The weather was too hot to play outside so J went off in search of a very classy pool for E to play in. Any tips for indoor activities to entertain a toddler when it’s so hot outside? A girl can only take so much Nemo.

We were going to let her swim after naptime, but the weather cooled off and it began to rain. Naturally we did what anyone would do and brought it inside to use (sans water).

The evening ended with a migraine and medicine for yours truly.

Sunday was spent at church, the grocery store, doing laundry and meal prepping in the kitchen for my third Whole 30 round.

It was also spent praising God because my sister and brother in law made it home safely from being stationed overseas. And yall, they are home for good!

Cheers for another weekend recap!


  1. Brian and I have been watching The Blacklist since it premiered almost 3 years ago. I'm obsessed with it. We've missed most of season 3 thanks to our current temporary housing situation and lack of DVR. I just checked and Season 3 comes out on DVD Aug 2. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying it.

  2. If you have time to binge watch, I believe Netflix will have Season 3 in September. Of course, it will be right before season 4 premieres. I am obsessed with it!!! So good.


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