Summer Savories: Fresh Fruit & Cheese Salad with a Lemon-Strawberry Vinaigrette Drizzle

As you read this post, please imagine a lovely, musical melody playing in the background of Nelly’s soothing song, “Hot In Herre.” Yes, that is how he spells it. 

I swear each summer is hotter than the one before. At least when I was pregnant with E, it oddly rained more than normal during those summer months. Currently, we are not even getting the typical rainy, afternoon showers. Even our grass is getting brown spots! For those who are unaware, my husband is a yard fanatic. Seriously. If our putting green is changing colors, then you know it is hot.

Lucky for you, I have a tasty, refreshing dish that will be a cool treat during these hot months. It is a perfect complement to any BBQ, can be eaten for breakfast or to satisfy that sweet tooth after a large meal.  

Fresh fruit is always tasty, but is so much better paired with cheese. Hello, my name is Adrienne and I am a cheese addict. Additionally, the dressing is flavorful and pink. Who doesn’t love the color pink?!


1 apple (I prefer a Kanzi apple) -chopped
1 cup of blueberries
1 cup of strawberries- quartered
½ lemon juice
Goat cheese crumbles (substitute with Feta cheese, if desired)

Fix It
  1.  Wash your fruit. I feel like this should go without saying, but if you skip this step regularly, then we need to have a chat.
  2. Cut your fruit.
  3. Place the apple in a serving dish and squeeze the heck out of that lemon half. It gives your taste buds a little kick and prevents the apple from turning brown.
  4. Add and lightly stir the blueberries and strawberries in with the apple.
  5. Top with the cheese crumbles.
  6.  Drizzle with the dressing.

It’s fresh, easy and tasty!

Plus, the color scheme is on point for festive occasions that utilize red/pink. While I was writing this my husband came in and also used the phrase “on point” (talking about our front yard, believe it or not). E is so blessed to have such hipster parents.

Need something compliant for your diet? Forgo the cheese and it’s perfect for Whole 30 and Paleo followers. 

Yes, even the dressing.

Want to share some of your favorite concoctions with me? Let’s connect on Pinterest and make that happen! It's a fairly new account so save your judgement. :)


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