Weekending: Holiday Style

Well, it's Monday and while you are reading this from a float on the lake or laying out in the sand, I am working hard in the office. Although my company is closed tomorrow, I have a large project to oversee this morning so I couldn't take today off for a long weekend. #boohiss

Regardless, we had a carefree, wonderful weekend.

I'm currently debating on joining Orangetheory Fitness or another studio in my area called Solcioty Fitness. Lucky for me (and FYI for you) you can take a free class to see what all the fuss is about. My Friday evening was spent at Orangetheory sweating it out in the combo class. It was great and the staff was very friendly and attentive, but I still wanted to try the class at the other studio.

Following my class, I headed to a sorority sister's home to try on foundation. I've been in need of a new foundation for multiple weeks and wanted something with better coverage than what Bare Minerals was providing.  Leslie was as sweet as always and spent about an hour playing with different brands and explaining what she was doing. She also shared a few samples with me to try and I think I have a winner!!!

Saturday morning was spent with E since J was called into work. We missed my running group for fear of rain - while I don't care about getting wet, I knew the toddler would freak out - but the weather held off and I had major guilt over missing the workout.

E and I met J (not MY J, but her BF from school) and his momma at Michaels for another fun craft. The kiddos made slime and were able to choose the color and sparkles of their choice. This was followed by a brief coloring session to decorate the slime container.

Since the Heavens had not opened yet, the four of us headed to a playground to run off some energy. When the sun began to peak its head and the humidity became unbearable, E and I headed to Carter's to purchase some more clothes for the summer. Her wardrobe was seriously slacking. P.S. Carter's has a great sale going on: 40% off clearance. Go now.

I trapped E in her crib for a nap that didn't happen while I caught up on laundry and Homeland. I am OBSESSED - with Homeland, not laundry obvy. That evening I became the cat whisperer while J and I started to watch Girl on the Train.

As always, J fell asleep and my eyelids weren't far behind. A storm started to roll in so J and I stood on the front porch for a while to take it in. We love storms! Once we were tucked in our comfy bed, E woke up and began to cry. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we have had a few tornado scares in our area. Since she's been at school during these times, a fear of storms has now emerged. J got her settled and we all had a restful night.

J was called into work again on Sunday so E and I headed out to church and then to pick up a few groceries. When I parked at the store, a great song popped up on the radio so E and I jammed out. During our concert, I realized that this guy was in the parking spot across from me just standing there. I assume he realized I wasn't getting out of my car so he headed back to his ride and hung out in the passenger side (there was no driver). It sparked my curiousity so I watched him for a few minutes. He was yelling at the different customers who were heading into the store and putting groceries in their car. I could not hear what he was saying, but assume he was asking for money. Since it was just E and I, I backed the car out and headed across the lot away from him. When I walked in the store I shared the concern with an employee and ran into one of the ladies he had spoken to. She said he was acting really weird and was also going to report him so I'm glad I parked far, far away. Sketchy things happen to me.

J was home when we returned from the store and he offered to take E to the pool while I headed out to Solcioty for my complimentary class. On my way to the class, I received a text that someone had pooped in the pool and it was now closed. I felt so badly for E and then for the parent of the child who caused the pool to shut down. THANK GOD it was not my kid! And props to my husband who lifted her out of the water and carried her to dry, non-poopy land. Unfortunately, the place would not refund his money for their ten minute swim since they would reopen in two hours. Ridiculous. It reminded me again of how badly I want to move since our neighborhood voted against putting in a pool/playground a few years ago. #bahumbug

Class was excellent and very similar to Orangetheory, but the best part was how fabulous my foundation held after an hour of my fat crying a.k.a. sweating.

Therefore, I think Laura Mercier may have a new customer!

Our weekend was slightly busy and filled with enough random adventures (remember my Crackhead post?) to satisfy me for a few days, haha. Since it was mostly spent working out and fretting over makeup, does anyone want to share their recommended foundation? Anyone HATE Orangetheory? I'm kind of torn and would like to hear from you!

While I don't have a particular post to share with you for Independence Day, don't forget about this tip that can make your life easier for any BBQ or party.

I hope everyone has a relaxing day off, keeps our leaders and military in their prayers, and sends a few prayers my way that I don't go crazy when the neighbors set off fireworks on a school night.

Man, I am SO old and grouchy!

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  1. Sounds like a busy weekend!! I love founding a long lasting foundation, its one off y pet peeves when it comes off throughout the day! Have a happy fourth of July!

  2. I have heard really good things about Laura Mercier's foundation! And how sweet do those kitties look all cuddled up on you?!

  3. Holy Cow 🐮 Those Orange Theory classes are no joke!! They put my Pilates to shame! 🙊 I've been using the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer 👌🏻

  4. You asked about foundation...so here's my input ;-) Ever tried Bare Minerals mineral powder? I don't like liquid foundation, but I love the powder...it's light and "sheer" so it doesn't feel or look like a mask.

  5. Oh Orange Theorys have been popping up all over our town! I need to get in to try one soon! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. That storm was crazy Saturday night wasn't it?? I was literally kissing Olivia goodnight and leaving her room when I heard thunder rumbling and I was thinking "This can't be right... it's not even supposed to rain tonight." Checked the radar and I'll be damned if there wasn't a HUGE red blob on the screen that was practically already on top of us. Needless to say B spent 45 minutes laying with Olivia until it was over. I freaking LOVE storms and we can't even enjoy them anymore. Lol.

  7. Love that kitty picture! Did you like the movie? Have you read the book?

    I took one class at Orangetheory and actually liked it but did not want to pay the fee each month. :-)

  8. Orangetheory seems so intense to me! What a fun weekend. You have the funniest and most random things happen to you. I hope have a great 4th!

  9. Ugh I'm sorry you had to work on Monday, but I hope everything is going well with your project! That watermelon tip is AWESOME - totally could have used it yesterday ;)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  10. Oh what Laura Mercer foundation do you like? I want a pool too. Especially since it has been sooo hot lately. Poor kid who pooped in the pool. Ugh.


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