Weekending: Before Football Season


We have less than a week until Game Day! Although the fall turns into a crazy time for us, I welcome everything it has to offer: cooler weather, pumpkin everything, AND Auburn football!

Before things get crazy, we had a low key weekend in town.

Friday began with a long day of work, hitting the gym, and catching up on Homeland before passing out by 11 p.m.

 We are wild, I tell you.

Saturday morning was just E and I since J was called into work. We met our friends at Michaels for a kids club class. We met up with E's BFF from her old school and it was so good to see him and chat with his mama. Also joining us was my work twin (you may know her as Lindsay from Lindsay's Sweet World) and her two munchkins.

I was so excited for the company and following the painting craft, we all headed to the playground to run off some energy.

It was overcast and cloudy, but never rained - do I have any readers from Texas? You all have been in our thoughts and prayers.

E miraculously did not nap after the busy morning so we rolled the dice and headed to Cracker Barrel  to use an old gift card for dinner and stopped for a treat of shave ice on the way home.

E did pass out in the truck so it was an early night for all of us, again.

Sunday started with church, a trip to the grocery store, and a workout. I spent the rest of the day prepping lunches for the week (oh my do kids require a lot of prep just to start each week), getting dinner ready, and folding laundry.

Of course, I'm leaving out the most important thing from the weekend and that is Taylor Swift's new single! I watched the video last night and it made me like the song more. It's totally different than what she normally does and I hope her album is much better, but feel that this single was almost a teaser...I didn't care for it and first and now it's grown on me. Curses.

Anywho, did you love it? Hate it? My inquiring mind wants to know!!!


  1. Mississippi State fan here!! Who doesn't love fall and the promise of SEC football! :)

    I remember those days when my kids were small ...homework, luches, backpacks, extra curricular activities. It's a hectic time but will pass by all too quickly! Cherish them all!

  2. Bummer I'm in ACC country so I guess the closest thing we have to SEC level this year is going to be FSU. That song grew on me over the weekend too! I was working out to it on Saturday. There is a video out?!?! I just saw a lyric video - boring! xo Have a fab week!

  3. I loved the video and song too. The video made it for me though! We cannot wait for football to get under way...we are Pac 12 here though. Looks like a great weekend!

  4. I LOOOOVE T. Swizz's new song! LOVE IT. And I haven't even seen the video. Although I did just read that Buzzfeed article you posted about it on FB while I was eating lunch. So interesting! I'll be checking the video out tonight!

    Thanks again for the invite this weekend! I'm glad we were able to get the babies together!

  5. It sounds like you had a fun weekend! XOXO I suddenly want shaved ice. Haha!


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