If I Could Be A Real Housewife..........

I would NOT be Danielle from the NJ season. She is driving me crazy and crazy as in a point I can't stomach the show because of how she acts. Danielle drives me nuts like in a Speidi sort of way. You hope they aren't like that in real life (because everyone knows that reality TV shows are 100% real), but you wonder why they would even want to present themselves as psychotic on TV. Forget about the money - it's not worth the amount of people who think you belong in a hospital jacked up on medications.

This weekend we went to a BBQ and I found this awesome recipe from Annie's Eats. This has quickly become one of my favorite blogs to follow and I decided to make BLT Roll-Ups. They were so good! The only change I made was using Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning instead of the dressing. Whenever I try a new recipe I will not use low fat/fat free/light ingredients. I buy these items for our house, but would hate to ruin a recipe to save some calories. The only ranch dressing I had on hand was fat free so I didn't want to chance it. This recipe will actually wind up in my recipe box and will definately be made again.

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