Where's All My Soul Sisters?

Lady Marmalade (#13 in 2001). Oh how I loved that song. The only thing missing was Britney.

First, I absolutely love the app with the Top 100 Songs by Bing. It was FREE (It still says it's free for a limited time - whatever that means). Regardless, I heart it. You choose a year and it will randomly play the songs from that year. So many memories from high school, college, etc. It's great.

Secondly, Barnes & Noble is having a huge summer sale. Tons of books are on sale (paperback, hardback, eBooks, etc.) If you purchase over $25 you receive free shipping. There is so much to chose from. Even the hardback books are significantly reduced. My husband decided to spend money on fireworks so I spent money on books. I'm such a nerd.

Lastly, Cow Appreciation Day is on July 9th at Chick Fil A. So, if you feel like dressing up like a cow you will receive a free combo meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner - your choice). I also believe you can partially dress in cow attire and you will still receive a free entree at the discretion of the manager. Moo.

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