The 7 Things I Hate About You

I did this a while ago on facebook and thought I would bring it over here to share and update it.

1. My husband and family are the most important people to me ever (aside from a few friends). I have the best parents ever. You may think yours are good, but you may need to think again.

2. I call my husband Boo Boo Boppers. Now everyone calls him Boo Boo. Those that knew us 7 years ago until now know that we have matured so much. We rarely fight.....Our biggest fights are when we go out and he wants to go home and go to bed and I want to stay out. He is an old man in a 27 (almost 28) yr old body.

3. My sister and I used to never get along until college. I call her Gay One. I have called her this since I can remember. She is even listed in my phone under that name. However, she is completely straight and will be getting married in November.

4. I read this email story about this serial killer who used to lure women out of their homes with the sound of a crying baby. I completely believe that someone is doing the same to me except it is with a cat. At night (only at night) when I am outside on the back deck/porch thing, I hear a cat cry. Sometimes the cat even comes up and tries to rub up on me and I run inside. I absolutely love cats, but I have a thing against serial killers. By the way, I really do believe this is happening at my house. UPDATE: It's the neighbors cat and his name is Gordo. Gordo is like my new BFF now.

5. I am adopted and want to meet my birth mother. I think she has tried to find me a few times, but I am hard to catch.

6. I am absolutely terrified of having a baby. Every once in a while I get on a baby kick, but it soon disappears as I am sooooooo scared to be pregnant and to actually give birth. I will definitely need to be drugged up on something hardcore when this day arrives. Currently, I am on a hard core baby kick, but so excited for pregnant friends!

7. Back to being adopted, my adoption story is a complete miracle and if you have never heard it then you are missing out.

8. I hate the UGA bulldogs. Like I really cannot stand them, but I love Mark Richt. I think that's how you spell his name........

9. I never went to public school until college.

10. I used to competitive dive for a while when I was younger. I was pretty good too. I won the gold at the Georgia Games (which I think is a mini Olympic thing in A town). I probably should have stayed with it, but I didn't.

11. I love to read. Like I really really really love to read. I love books by Janet Evanovich. But I am currently reading Tori Spelling's book and so far, I love it. And I am angry that Katherine Heigl has been cast as Stephanie Plum. Boo.

12. I am a completed infatuation with sharks. Shark Week may be the best week of my life. One of my favorite gifts was a shark bottle opener and Shark Week DVDs (thanks Sean)! SHARK WEEK IS NEXT WEEK!!!! "Dolphins are just gay sharks." ~ Glee

13. My hair has not been 100% natural since 6th grade.

14. I really want to go to church more, but I hate church hopping. Please just bring North Point to Abilene and I will be happy. We have been to like 4 different churches or something and there are SOOOO many here to choose from.

15. I really hate how people will attack and criticize the President regardless of who it is. I did not vote for Obama and don't agree with a lot of his ideas, but since he is the President of the USA I will support that.

16. I hate beer and will always hate beer.

17. My two little babies are Miss Friski and Fendi Foo. I do not need a child because I am afraid that my cats will try to kill my baby because they are so spoiled for attention.

18. When I was about 5 I feel out of a tree and had a concussion. Does that explain something???

19. My SAT score went up about 200 pts from the first time I took it. Yay!

20.My high maintenance and spoiled b*tchiness have decreased a little bit since I have become a Bentley, but they are never gone! :)

21. I really really really really want to get my boobs done. But not until after we finish having kids.

22. OMG how could I forget? I am in love with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself when she stops making music or when she disappears from the paparazzi.

23. I will pose about 90% of the time with a kissy face. I enjoy my kissy face and I think it's pretty good. If you give me your camera, you will have a kissy face picture on it by the time you get it back.

24. I live in Abilene, TX. It is like a polar opposite of Atlanta and I don't hate it like people told me I would. I do hate when they call it "A town." HELLO?!?!

25. I really enjoyed planning my wedding and it was the best day of my life. As much as it stressed me out, it was completely worth it.

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